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Case Study

Cyber security in the challenging world of Formula 1



Computer management in the world of Formula 1 is a particularly challenging aspect.
In addition to the regular issues any company has to face, this sector faces some specific challenges, such as:

  • intrinsic accessibility of equipment, installed in a garage rather than in a protected Data Center;
  • lare number of technologies: audio, video, telemetry and back office applications;
  • entities involved: not only team members, but also third parties;
  • speed of decision-making processes and complexity of the systems that power the dashboards.

Therefore, all-round cyber security protection is required, relying on an external company to ensure it.

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The collaboration with Axitea

Alfa Romeo Racing is a Swiss Formula 1 team.

Today's Alfa Romeo Racing team takes up the legacy of the historic "Sauber F1 Team", founded in Hinwil in 1970 by Peter Sauber, a Swiss entrepreneur.

An F1 company generates a truly significant amount of data both at headquarters and during tests and races: from the racing car to the pits and from here to the headquarters.

A racing car has over 100 sensors (temperature, pressure, vibrations, etc..) that generate different data to understand the operation of all its parts, while a test car can have over 200 sensors.

The collaboration with Axitea was fundamental for the definition and implementation of an all-encompassing cyber security solution that would help protect Alfa Romeo Racing against any unauthorized intrusions, espionage activities, and cyber attacks.


Targets achieved

The collaboration between Axitea and Alfa Romeo Racing was both strategic and crucial: with its data finally safe, the Swiss team can pursue its mission, which is competing at top level in the most important racing championship in the world.

The project

Over the two-year period of 2018-19, Axitea became a reference partner for Alfa Romeo Racing's cyber security systems in order to protect resources, people, data and infrastructures.

Thanks to advanced technologies and specialized consulting, Axitea performs holistic and integrated analysis to mitigate multifaceted risks and face integrated threats.

Governance and Security

To ensure proper governance and security management, the systems designed by Axitea for Alfa Romeo Racing are based on 3 fundamental aspects:

  • Data usability: to ensure the continuity of networks and infrastructures;
  • Information content integrity: to ensure that content is not tampered with or deleted by mistake or voluntary action;
  • Confidentiality: to avoid data being displayed in a confidential and therefore unauthorized manner.

Services provided

Cryptography and Data Encryption

Hard disk encryption to prevent the free reading of sensitive data in the event of PC theft.

Log Retention

Solution that allows the collection of critical events that occurred in the network, to verify causes and...

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced network protection (PCs, Servers, mobile) from malware and network traffic control.

Risk Analysis & Management

Risk Analysis & Management Assessment of the likelihood of occurrence and magnitude of potential Cyber and ICT...

SOC as a Service

Real-time monitoring of events generated by applications and corporate information systems 24/7, as a proactive tool to...

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Test

Test for measuring the level of protection of the IT network and digital infrastructure, in order to...

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