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Protect your business 24/7 with Axitea's Security Operation Center

Axitea's private security services aim to safeguard and protect public or private assets and/or entities, and include monitoring and intervention services on alarm, patrolling and guarding.

The alarm monitoring service can be applied to all kinds of customers, from large companies and public institutions to shops and individuals: it provides monitoring and management of alarm signals generated by the security system installed 24/7.

The intervention of private security guards at the secured site takes place following an alarm notification by the Security Operation Center (SOC). Axitea's daily challenge is to continuously improve intervention times and service effectiveness.

The night and day patrol service consists of inspections performed outside and/or inside the customer's property, by monitoring the site integrity.

The guarding service consists in armed security guards guarding a target, with the possibility of controlling incoming and outgoing traffic (pedestrians, cars).

Finally, for large companies that need to transfer cash from one place to another, the cash transport service is also available.

Ico-pos-Monitoraggio reti informatiche

Thanks to the experience in processes, continuous training and technologies used, Axitea Security Operation Center promptly manages hundreds of thousands of alarm events every year, 34/7, with a reaction time of less than 60 seconds.

How Axitea can help you

Continuous operational coverage 24/7

The SOC employs qualified operators, who alternate in service on shifts with coverage 24/7.


Axitea boasts numerous certifications to aim for excellence in service delivery. For this reason, SOC activities are organized and constantly monitored in terms of process quality and performance, also through the application of the criteria envisaged by the certifications held by Axitea:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015: quality management system;
  • UNI 10891:2000: surveillance service characteristics, including Operations Centers;
  • UNI CEI EN 50518:2014: Operation Centers performance, control, organizational and design criteria. According to the regulations, the reaction time to manage an alarm signal is lower than 60 seconds from its reception for over 80% of the signals received;
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013: Information Security Management System.

SOC Operators and local Private Security Guards competences

SOC Operators and Private Security Guards are continuously trained to develop skills and competences aimed at raising their awareness about behavior to adopt in any situation: they adopt the agreed operating procedures (standard or customized), adapting the countermeasures in relation to the criticalities encountered.

Multivector links to the SOC

The SOC can receive alarm signals through the most popular communication channels made available by connectivity providers (fixed and mobile telephony), as well as Axitea's proprietary radio networks. Innovative open architecture and technology of management systems, allow the SOC to implement future features and vectors as they become available.

The SOC manages events of various kinds received from security (theft, fire, robbery, etc.) and technology systems, as well as ensuring the continuous monitoring of the proper functioning of systems, installations and connections.

Connection with local staff

The SOC manages the Private Security Guards conducting inspections and stakeout services, as well as local patrols in order to ensure interventions on alert with the greatest possible efficiency. It is connected with local patrols through multiple communication tools and operational equipment: radios on proprietary frequencies, multifunctional data/voice smartphones and operational service applications.

Another deterrent effect

Monitoring 24/7, staking out and inspections by security guards at customer sites to be protected have a very high deterrent effect on theft and robbery.

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Main features

Monitoring services

Provides for the constant observation and management of alarm signals by the Security Operation Center (SOC) generated by locally installed security systems, Iot devices and sensors of various kinds.

Alarm signals are transmitted through connection peripherals that allow remote transmission of the events detected by these systems, exploiting multiple vectors and communication channels, both public and private: fixed telephone network, broadband data networks, mobile cellular phone networks, wireless access, or Axitea's proprietary radio network.

Apart from intrusion alarms, other types of alarms can also be managed: robbery, fire, smoke/heat, tampering, power failure, technological issues (heat, freezing, system failure, flooding, humidity, pressure, temperature rise, device tampering, voltage failure), etc.

Alarm follow-up intervention service

It is closely linked to the alarm monitoring service carried out by the SOC. Axitea, active 24/7. Following an alarm event, after examining and evaluating the reports received, the SOC promptly activates the specific operating procedures - including intervention - by coordinating and assisting the control activities carried out by the patrol, also on the indications of the on-call contact indicated by the customer, and by informing the Police if necessary.

Patrol service

Axitea’s patrols are in constant radio contact with the SOC, and patrol the service areas, monitoring the integrity of the customer's sites.

The security procedures used are suitable for recognizing and handling impending dangerous situations (e.g. suspicious situations and intrusion attempts). The service can be carried out on a non-continuous basis, according to the customer’s temporary or extraordinary needs (construction works, moving offices or homes, special situations in residential, craft or industrial areas, etc.).

Upon the occurrence of events that may lead Axitea personnel to believe that the Customer's assets are in danger, the personnel will communicate with the SOC, which will activate the appropriate emergency procedures. If the procedures show that there is a real risk to the customer's property, the patrol will monitor the location for an agreed time, i.e. until the customer takes action.

Other security and video surveillance services

Home Security

Home protection services through professional, effective and discreet alarm systems, with 24/7 alarm monitoring from the Security...

Video-Alarm and Video-Surveillance

Proactive monitoring of cameras (or following alarms), for company perimeter and critical area control.

Personal Safety and Security

Anti-robbery, anti-attack, man-down SOS solution with pocket-sized device, connected 24/7 to Axitea's Security Operation Center.

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