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Privacy and cyber security: the new challenges for Public Administrations

The reference scenario

Public administrations are undergoing a process of transformation and innovation of the services offered to citizens and businesses, especially through the use of digital technologies, with the aim of increasing efficiency, decreasing distances between public bodies and users and facilitating access to services.

However, when talking about digital and IoT systems and, more generally, web platforms, we cannot fail to consider the related cyber threats. Recent hacker attacks on public bodies, including courts, universities and public entities, show that there is still a long way to go to ensure adequate levels of IT infrastructure security.

With the coming of digitalization, the key assets to protect are sensitive citizen data, and their management and storage. It is therefore necessary to invest in the preparation and training of staff entrusted with data management, and the development and maintenance of IT systems.

For the many services offered to citizens, web platforms (INPS etc) become attractive preys for cyber criminals, and must be properly protected against any attacks aimed at slowing down or interrupting the delivery of services offered (DDoS, ransomware).

Sensitive data - this time in their "physical" form - must also be appropriately protected to prevent theft and unauthorized removal. An effective system of access control and perimeter protection of buildings is therefore essential. It is also necessary to protect buildings and public places, such as squares or parks, against vandalism.

Lastly, with the Coronavirus emergency, managing access to public buildings has become a fundamental issue, as it must guarantee the customers’ and employees’ safety, whilst preventing the formation of queues and gatherings.

Ico-pos-Assistenza reti informatiche

It is estimated that 67% of Public Administration websites are at risk of hacker attacks, with steadily increasing rates of DDoS attacks, spear phishing and account compromise campaigns.

Axitea for PA: we protect sensitive data

For the PA’s security needs, Axitea offers a wide range of services, to protect physical and logical assets.

Customer sensitive data security is ensured by monitoring and protection services for computer networks, workstations (PCs, servers), e-mail traffic and - in this period that has seen a large increase in WFH - secure remote connections via VPN.

Axitea also offers anti-DDoS (Denial of Service) services to ensure optimal functionality of web portals and prevent interruptions and slowdowns in the provision of online services. In the unfortunate event of a data breach, through the Log Retention service, it is possible to retrace the critical events that occurred in the network, and verify the causes and effects of cyber attacks and/or faults.

Lastly, our consulting services, provided through a team of specialized consultants, verify and implement sensitive data management systems compliant with the latest privacy / GDPR regulations, including the provision of high quality training courses and awareness-raising programs on multiple topics (GDPR Privacy, Cyber Security, training for working from home, ...).

Physical security solutions

Axitea is present with its services in the main purchasing portals of Public Administrations, such as MEPA

The access control and perimeter protection systems prevent unauthorized access and theft of goods, data and sensitive documents; for business and public space security purposes, Axitea designs and installs advanced video surveillance and license plate reading systems, as well as maintenance services on existing security systems.

Lastly, body temperature measurement systems allow access to public buildings, in full compliance with safety protocols (temperature below 37.5° and presence of PPE), avoiding the creation of outbreaks and discomfort.

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Services for the verification and implementation of sensitive data management systems, in compliance with the most recent privacy regulations:

Identity Access Governance

Consulting services for the design, management and monitoring of access to corporate information assets.

Gap Analysis & Reporting

Consulting services for a professional assessment of the company's security level.

Security Governance Models

Support for companies in the design and implementation of security management process, in accordance with industry regulations...

Pandemic Plan (Infection Prevention and Control – IPC – Contagion Security Protocol)

Consultancy services to support companies in the compulsory activities to implement the IPC protocol and manage body...

Business Continuity & Crisis Management Plan

Support in the design and implementation of structured emergency and crisis management plans, with the aim of...

Risk Analysis & Management

Risk Analysis & Management Assessment of the likelihood of occurrence and magnitude of potential Cyber and ICT...

DPO as a Service

DPO as a Service Data protection experts, whose job is to evaluate and organize the management of...

GDPR Compliance Consulting

Verification of potential GAPs in the mandatory protection measures compliance requirements, and security of personal data processed...

Cyber Security

Axitea identifies the most suitable solutions for protecting data & information and avoiding disruptions in service delivery:

Log Retention

Solution that allows the collection of critical events that occurred in the network, to verify causes and...

Ransomware Incident Response

Support provided to the customer in the event of a ransomware attack, to try to recover encrypted...

Data Center Protection

Monitoring and protection of single applications and processes within a corporate network, through non-IP-based segmentation.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Timely and targeted protection of the most critical business data based on specific rules (blocking of database...

Threat Intelligence

Collection and analysis of information in order to characterize possible cyber threats from a technical, resource, motivation...

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Test

Test for measuring the level of protection of the IT network and digital infrastructure, in order to...

Phishing Attack Simulator

Employee training on phishing attacks (methods, best practices, etc...) and attack simulation through ad hoc e-mail campaigns,...

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Analysis of cyber risks from the entire chain of services provided (external suppliers, maintainers, consultants, etc...).

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced network protection (PCs, Servers, mobile) from malware and network traffic control.

Incident Management

Minimizing the damage of a cyber attack and identifying the activities/processes to restore normal operations in the...

Physical Security

Axitea's physical security solutions are aimed at safeguarding sensitive documents and public buildings:

Fog Security System

Security system that, in case of attempted intrusion, spreads a dense and persistent blanket of non-toxic fog...

Intrusion Detection Systems

Design, implementation and installation of solutions to protect sensitive areas against the risk of intrusion.

Fire Detection Systems

Design and implementation of certified fire-prevention systems for the protection of people and goods against fire risks.

Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

Physical security management solutions through software platforms that integrate different unrelated security systems.

Audio and Video Analysis Systems

Artificial intelligence applied to video surveillance and audio detection, for increasingly effective detection and prevention of criminal...

Video Management System

Platform for the centralized viewing of video systems of any size, from a few cameras up to...

Access Control Systems

Access control and protection solutions for companies, to prevent unauthorized access, also useful in case of health...

Private Security

Private security services that include alarm monitoring 24/7 from the Security Operation Center, alarm follow-up intervention by...

Home Security

Home protection services through professional, effective and discreet alarm systems, with 24/7 alarm monitoring from the Security...

Perimeter Security Systems

Company perimeter protection systems, anticipating anti-intrusion alarms and significantly reducing the likelihood of theft.


Solutions for the health protection of employees and citizens:

Social Distancing Solutions

Worker-distancing management, by tracking their movements and interactions, in order to retrace the chain of transmission.

Body Temperature Measurement

Body temperature detection solutions on individuals or groups, to check that the temperature is below the threshold...

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