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Fire Detection Systems

Certified fire-prevention systems for the protection of people and goods against fire risks

Axitea is specialized in the design and installation of fire detection systems (UNI 9795 - 2010) and in their proper maintenance - pursuant to UNI 11224 - and assistance throughout Italy (two annual checks are required, see MD 10/03/1998 Annex VI).

Automatic fire detection systems, whatever their intended use, are subject to Ministerial Decree 37 of 2008 and are required to be specifically designed, when they consist of more than 9 detectors, while in activities subject to the use of PPE, they are required to be designed regardless of the number of sensors.

Axitea provides support in all the phases necessary to adapt fire detection and prevention. In particular, it offers consultancy for obtaining the Fire Department's project examination for issuance of the fire prevention certificate, sworn reports on the system’s operation in case of certificate renewal, and for drafting “EVAC” emergency and evacuation plans (MD 10 March 1998).

Thanks to AxiLab - our in-house innovation workshop - Axitea continuously researches new fire detection technologies.

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Axitea services over 60,000 security systems: a high level of experience and knowledge in fire detection solutions, through intelligent systems and services designed to ensure effective intervention, with maximum safety and protection of human lives.

How Axitea can help you

Compliance with Standard UNI 9795 - 2010

 The fire-prevention solutions offered by Axitea are manufactured in accordance with the criteria set forth in Standard UNI 9795 - 2010. This Standard prescribes criteria for the design, installation and operation of fixed automatic fire detection and fire alarm systems.

SOC fire alarm monitoring 24/7

Axitea's Security Operation Center monitors every fire alarm signal from customer's sites 24/7/365.

From design consulting to privacy-related support

Axitea offers an all-round service, from risk analysis, to design, implementation, privacy support and subsequent maintenance 24/7/365, minimizing the risk of fire.

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Main features

Axitea’s technical solutions for fire detection - based on customer’s needs and size of the premises - can include:

  • Conventional system: ideal for small installations and simple applications (device group identification).
  • Analogue system: ideal for more complex situations (single device identification).

Axitea can offer fire extinguishing systems of different types, such as:

  • Potassium powder aerosol extinguishing system: innovative product available for the realization of effective, economical and, above all, absolutely sustainable fire extinguishing systems. It can be classified as an extinguishing agent belonging to the category of dry powders, commonly used in portable fire extinguishers.
  • Inert gas extinguishing system: Axitea can also provide its extensive experience to produce automatic extinguishing systems with clean agents such as Argon, Azot-Argon, Inergent, PF23 etc..

Axitea supplies gas detection systems for domestic use, compliant with UNI-CIG regulations, and for industrial use (products compliant with Atex 100 "Directive 94/9/EC").

If required, Axitea can assess the classification of areas with explosion hazard, as required by the Atex 118 "Directive 1992/92/EC".

Other design and installation of integrated solutions

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Security system that, in case of attempted intrusion, spreads a dense and persistent blanket of non-toxic fog...

Intrusion Detection Systems

Design, implementation and installation of solutions to protect sensitive areas against the risk of intrusion.

Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

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Perimeter Security Systems

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Security Systems Maintenance

Maintenance and technical support services 24/7/365, on Axitea’s or customer’s security systems.

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