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IT asset protection for the insulating glass leader, ISO CLIMA



The convergence between operating technology (OT) and information technology (IT) has a deep impact on cyber security in the manufacturing sector.

Production plant protection is essential in all aspects, both to ensure business continuity and to avoid accidents with possible IT incidents.

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The collaboration with Axitea

ISOCLIMA was founded in 1977 in Este, in the Padua province, and it originally dealt with window solutions for the construction sector.

With its ambitious and trailblazing DNA, ISOCLIMA soon became a leader in the insulating windows market and searched for and developed new highly technological transparent solutions.

Today, the ISOCLIMA brand stands out thanks to its reputation acquired over the years, for its high quality products and for the co-engineering activities through which it partners up with the best car manufacturers in the world.

ISOCLIMA has approx. 900 employees, and 8 production sites, 6 of which are located in Italy.

In 2019, ISOCLIMA asked for Axitea’s help to protect its IT assets.


Targets achieved

The collaboration with Axitea has been particularly proficient: the Customer’s IT department freed itself of the operating tasks that Axitea specialists manage remotely, and has more time to devote itself to infrastructural innovation and optimization projects.

Even the Customer’s board is extremely satisfied, because they know they can count on a reliable partner that, in addition tosharing with ISOCLIMA the growth strategy with the aid of advanced technologies, it also shares their overall corporate vision.

The project

Historically, ISOCLIMA has always entrusted its Cyber Security management in house.

In recent years it has updated its infrastructures.

One of the main issues tackled was cyber security.

The company changed its approach toward Information Technology: ISOCLIMA focused on process evolution and on people’s needs. A strategic approach in terms of security that required the involvement of external resources.

At the end of 2019, the idea of involving Axitea as the only reference partner for cyber security services was voiced.
The pandemic and the increased smart-working habits accelerated this change.

Continuous and operative management

Together, we decided to start by assessing the infrastructures.
There were two main drivers:

  • Business continuity logic;
  • Vulnerability.

The output soon transformed into a detailed roadmap of actions to undertake over time, based on the critical issues detected.

Axitea was entrusted with the complete and operational management of cyber security, through the activation of a SOC, Security Operation Center, thus ensuring constant and continuous monitoring.

Axitea provided a scalable offer: ISOCLIMA has the option of activating additional services based on the natural evolution of the needs of its business.

Currently, Axitea analyses all the events concerning perimeter security and the different firewalls on ISOCLIMA network, with particular focus on managing single events and security incidents.

Axitea’s support also includes mobile devices - particularly important and critical in this smart-working phase - that are monitored and protected.

Services provided

Log Retention

Solution that allows the collection of critical events that occurred in the network, to verify causes and...

SOC as a Service

Real-time monitoring of events generated by applications and corporate information systems 24/7, as a proactive tool to...

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