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IT asset protection for the insulating glass leader, ISO CLIMA

Case study IT asset protection for the insulating glass leader, ISO CLIMA Share on Facebook 𝕏 Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Email Market Manufacturing Context The convergence between operating technology (OT) and information technology (IT) has a deep impact on cyber security in the manufacturing sector.Production plant protection is essential in all…

DPO as a Service

DPO as a Service Data protection experts, whose job is to evaluate and organize the management of personal data processing within the company.

Fleet Management Software

Tools for monitoring and localization of a fleet or single vehicles, route and path planning, maintenance scheduling, and vehicle localization at all times.

Social Distancing Solutions

Worker-distancing management, by tracking their movements and interactions, in order to retrace the chain of transmission.

Fog Security System

Security system that, in case of attempted intrusion, spreads a dense and persistent blanket of non-toxic fog to protect goods stored in warehouses from theft.

Video Management System

Platform for the centralized viewing of video systems of any size, from a few cameras up to over 1,000 devices: advanced and customizable solutions that can be integrated with the latest technologies.

Access Control Systems

Access control and protection solutions for companies, to prevent unauthorized access, also useful in case of health emergencies.

Private Security

Private security services that include alarm monitoring 24/7 from the Security Operation Center, alarm follow-up intervention by private security, patrolling and guarding.

GDPR Compliance Consulting

Verification of potential GAPs in the mandatory protection measures compliance requirements, and security of personal data processed by the company (GDPR).

Body Temperature Measurement

Body temperature detection solutions on individuals or groups, to check that the temperature is below the threshold and a mask is being worn.

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