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Security for AC MILAN: teamwork, excellence and passion

Since 2019, Axitea has provided AC Milan with its portfolio of services, ranging from physical to cyber security, to protect the different locations managed directly by the prestigious Milanese football club, including: Casa Milan, headquarters and home of the Mondo Milan museum; the Milanello Training Centre, where the First Team and the Primavera team train; the Vismara Training Centre, where the Women’s and the Youth teams train, are all guarded by Axitea staff and monitored by its Security Operation Center 24/7.

A high-value collaboration that brings into play the values that the two companies share: teamwork, excellence and passion.

Advanced security for BNL locations

WIth its over 100 years of history, BNL BNP Paribas Group is one of Italy's leading banking groups, with 2.7 million customers and 13,000 employees.

A long-standing customer of Axitea with active security system maintenance and technological expansion services, during the health emergency period and prior to reopening its offices, it expressed the need to adopt new, appropriate and effective behavioral rules for the health and safety of its workers.

For this reason, Axitea implemented several solutions for BNL, including autonomous body temperature measurement and face mask detection using thermal scanners with video displays integrated in the access control systems (turnstiles) already in place in the various locations.

Axitea's solutions are at the highest technological market standards, and fully compliant with GDPR regulations and the privacy-by-design principle.

Proper and ethical management of personal data for the Lega del Filo d'Oro

Lega del Filo d'Oro is present in Italy through 5 Residential Centers, 3 Territorial Offices and a New National Center in Osimo opened in December 2017, which welcomes 100 people for assistance and rehabilitation, through all different kinds of activities.

Through its day-to-day work, Lega del Filo d'Oro collects a considerable amount of personal and sensitive data. The security factor is therefore a key component.

Its collaboration with Axitea has been essential to define and implement an approach to data processing in line with the principles of social responsibility.

In addition to the privacy analysis, Axitea has designed and installed an integrated video surveillance system that is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Circular economy and 360-degree security for Itelyum

Itelyum operates in the world of circular economy, making sustainability a cornerstone of its strategy.

Axitea supports Itelyum in many security-related aspects, by offering physical security and surveillance services, security consulting services and provision of cyber security services, such as: anti-malware, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services to ensure the IT structures’ security.

Itelyum also avails itself of Axitea’s Security Operation Center, which monitors the production infrastructure and ICT structure alarms 24/7, promptly reporting any IT and/or plant security issue.

“Axitea has proved to be a reliable partner from a technological point of view, as well as the only all-round interlocutor to manage security and compliance issues”, said Andrea Sganzerla, Itelyum IT Manager.

Advanced security for the Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners Law Firm

Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners is a prestigious law firm that brings together a team of over 140 professionals.

The collaboration with Axitea began in 2017, thanks to the technological expertise made available to the Firm to allow professionals to operate in complete safety from an IT standpoint.

Thanks to a mutual respect and trust relationship between the Gattai law firm and Axitea, the desired results were achieved by working in full synergy.

Security consulting services on GDPR and occupational safety were also provided to the law firm.

The most recent result of this collaboration is the ISO27001 certification, the most important certification when it comes to protecting and managing sensitive data on behalf of clients.

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