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Bio Safety – Covid19

Services and solutions for managing space and people flows in companies in the face of the Covid-19 emergency

The new norm imposed by Covid-19

Even after the emergency ends, the situation we are experiencing requires the implementation of adequate and effective rules of conduct to allow the safe start-up and management of production activities, in compliance with space management (production, collaboration and recreational) rules, and provisions for staff access and flow management.

The convergence of new health, security, safety and privacy compliance requirements, dictate - also through the use of specific enabling technologies - the creation of a system for a controlled, automated and optimized management of employees, collaborators, consultants, customers and suppliers, with a strong bearing towards the quickest restoration and maintenance of high production levels in a cost-effective manner.

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Keeping the business running

Measuring the customers’, employees’ and suppliers’ body temperature and also making sure they are wearing a mask is recognized as a key factor for any efficient company or business. Axitea solutions allow you to:

  • reduce the risk of outbreaks in the company that may endanger the workers’ health;
  • limit any damage to business continuity caused by temporary closures;
  • ensure the right trade-off between security and day-to-day business life, by implementing automatic temperature measurements with entry control and preventing this task from being carried out by a single person.

Axitea offers the widest range of entry control solutions and services with body temperature measurement, mask detection and observance of social distancing, through:

  • Mobile or wall-mounted thermal scanner;
  • Thermal imaging cameras for temperature measurement and mask presence check even on groups of people;
  • Wearable Social distancing and People Counting monitoring devices.
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Body temperature measurement solutions

Systems and services for body temperature measuring, mask presence detection and people flow management to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks.

Our body temperature measurement solutions

Body Temperature Measurement

Body temperature detection solutions on individuals or groups, to check that the temperature is below the threshold and a mask is being worn.

Social distancing solutions

Services and technological solutions for space management in companies and social distancing.

Our social distancing solutions

Social Distancing Solutions

Worker-distancing management, by tracking their movements and interactions, in order to retrace the chain of transmission.

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