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Vehicle Satellite Control

Satellite solutions to increase the level of security of your mobile assets

Axitea provides satellite solutions for large freight forwarding companies, express couriers, consumer product distributors, service and maintenance companies, large construction companies, manufacturers and renters of earthmoving equipment and activities in the agricultural field, etc..

The service ensures satellite 24/7/365 monitoring of vehicles and transported goods by the Security Operation Center, with on-line assistance and the support of a specialized tech room, in addition to a network of authorized installers located throughout the country.

Ico-pos-Monitoraggio reti informatiche

Axitea's Security Operation Center manages 18,000 security events per day generated by vehicles and mobile assets, ensuring the security of vehicles, transported goods and drivers.

How Axitea can help you

Web portal

Axitea’s proprietary Integrated Logistics web portal, created based on our major customers’ needs, to design a tool that can cover any kind of need.

Vanini Scale 2019-2020 level 6 compliance certification

Through this certification, the operations center is recognized by ANIA (National Association of Insurance Companies) as being able to provide security services on vehicles carrying goods with a maximum value of €1,200.00 (pharmaceuticals, precious metals and raw materials and tobacco).

Operational Management Centers

Axitea is the only satellite security company in Italy with 2 separate Operational Management Centers:

  • Security Operations Center active 24/7/365.
  • Technical Operations Center (SOT) for customer assistance and testing, with authorized workshops throughout the country.

High quality services

Axitea’s security services and protocols are the result of acquisitions of leading global of satellite remote control companies.

Full package

The satellite division is an integral part of Axitea, the only company that can offer "complete packages" to its customer, including assistance, maintenance, monitoring and differentiated management of both mobile and real estate security.

Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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Main features

Axitea's satellite vehicle monitoring services meet two different needs:

  • Security: to reduce the risk of vehicle, trailer and/or transported goods theft, to protect the driver against any possible robberies and/or to assist them in case of illness or emergency through Axitea’s Security Operation Center.
  • Logistics: to manage localization, cartographic positioning, download of the routes and stops made, management controls on fuel consumption, optimization of transport costs and complete maintenance management.

In particular, Axitea’s infrastructure is equipped with proprietary software collecting information from peripheral devices belonging to different operating platforms, in addition to those owned and developed by us (AMx). Data provided by the devices convey the necessary information to develop the algorithms for map visualization, consequent reporting, and route analysis.

The "web based" system allows access through 3 levels: customer code, username and password. The peripherals can be installed on any vehicle: cars, trucks, trailers, swap bodies, containers, etc. and update the positions every "x" minutes, configurable with values ranging from 3 minutes to 15. The website pages allow for a clear and punctual overview, also providing details and specific and immediate information on vehicle movement and direction. The map auto-reconstructs itself based on the vehicle positions, zooming in and out depending on their positioning, and always focusing on the entire fleet.

In particular, “cold chain” management applications designed by Axitea, allow temperature in the loading compartments to be monitored in real time, through a probe with integral wiring that provides information on instantaneous temperature. In addition, continuous remote monitoring and support, analytical reports, graphical reports, threshold exceedance alerts for each individual vehicle and integration with IoT sensors are provided, making the solution highly effective.

Other event monitoring and management services

Vehicle Satellite Control

Vehicle Satellite Control Satellite monitoring of vehicles and goods transported 24/7/365, by the Security Operation Center.

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