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Attention to the environment

Macro Goals

For Axitea attention to the environment means promoting environmental protection and the development of the energy transition and improving circular economy systems.

Sustainability Plan 2023-2027

Sustainable Development Goals


Goal n.13

Take urgent measures to combat climate change and its consequences.


Goal n.7

Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.


Goal n.12

Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Promoting environmental protection and the development of the energy transition

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Operational Objectives

Monitoring its own Scope 1 and 2 CO2 equivalent emissions

Conduct a GHG inventory of Scope 1 and 2 emissions (according to GHG Protocol guidelines)

Establishment of a GHG Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions inventory

Reducing GHG emissions

Conduct an infrastructure feasibility analysis for the electrification of the fleet

Completion of feasibility analysis for all locations

Carry out infrastructure works in order to install wallboxes/charging stations at suitable locations, also considering the rental of the charging stations

1 wall-box for 2 locations/year

Define the fleet replacement plan

Definition of a replacement plan

Progressively replace the company car fleet with hybrid and/or electric cars

10% increase (per year) of electric/hybrid cars introduced

Define a plan for the supply of electricity from renewable sources

Definition of the plan for the supply of electricity from renewable sources

Purchase electricity from renewable sources with Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificates

Purchase of 100% renewable electricity

Replace lighting installations with LED lamps

Brescia Project (2023) 1 additional location per year (2024-2027)

Replace printers in all locations with energy-efficient printers

Complete replacement of all printers

Analysing and calculating emissions of Scope 3

Analyse the GHG Protocol categories for Scope 3 indirect emissions from the value chain in order to identify those applicable and most relevant to the Company

Mapping of GHG Protocol categories on Scope 3 indirect emissions

Calculate Scope 3 emissions according to the applicability and relevance of the categories analysed and the data availability

Inventory of Scope 3 emissions

Increasing the number of locations with a certified environmental management system

Obtain ISO 14064 standard certification for GHG emissions inventory

Obtaining of ISO 14064 certification

Raising employee awareness of environmental issues

Introduce employee training courses aimed at raising awareness of climate risks and the responsible use of natural resources

At least 15% of employees involved (2024) 15% annual increase in the number of employees involved (2024-2027)

Reducing homework-home emissions

Define a Mobility Plan for the Milan office, following the regulatory obligations arising from Leg. Decree 34/2020

Definition of the Mobility Plan

Implement actions in the Mobility Plan (e.g. carpooling, public transport passes)

Launching activities foreseen in the Mobility Plan (2024) Increased activities in the Plan (2024-2027)

Provide a mobility plan for other locations even if they are not subject to regulatory obligations

1 main location/year

Improving circular economy systems

Operational Objectives

Reducing the amount of plastic used in the office

Extend recyclable cups in food dispensers to all offices

1 location/year

Reducing the volume of plastic used in packaging

Use packaging production machinery with air-cushion filling system

90% reduction of polystyrene in m3

Digitising administrative documentation, reducing the use of paper

Digitisation of RITs (technical intervention reports) and shipping notes

Digitising RITs and shipping notes

Reducing the use of printer paper

Optimise the number of prints per day/month through an awareness campaign to limit the number of prints

5% decrease (per year)

Reusing and upgrading technological equipment in a circular perspective

Define a policy for the remanufacturing of staff technological equipment

Remanufacturing at least 10% (per year) of technological equipment that has been obsolete for more than 3 years

Discover the other Pillars of the Sustainability Plan

Sustainable governance

Integrating sustainability into the corporate governance model.

People at the heart

Protecting the health, inclusion and wellbeing of employees and developing the relationship with the territory.

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Axitea concretely integrates ESG factors into its mission, in the organisational and decision-making processes, and in multiple projects and actions implemented on a daily basis by and for its resources. Discover more, download our Sustainability Report and Sustainability Plan.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Plan 2023-2027

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