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Construction sites

Construction sites have unique characteristics, and the risks related to these areas require an integrated security approach with anti-intrusion, video surveillance and cyber security services to tackle any kind of threat.

The reference scenario

The construction site - meant as a temporary, fixed or mobile work area, where building or civil engineering works are carried out - is one of the areas most at risk from theft, accidental events or accidents at work.

Construction sites are very difficult to protect: they are constantly moving ecosystems, characterized by moving materials, machines, people and workers. Physical boundaries in constructions sites are often non-existent or can easily be passed through.

The evolution of construction site activity, in relation to the diffusion of Smart Buildings/Smart Sites on one hand, and the hybridization of the sites and their complexity on the other hand, has changed the nature of security in relation to increasingly stringent requirements converging toward physical security, safety & integrated cyber security concepts, all driven by the gradual need to update the enabling infrastructures.

Critical IT resources, such as IoT devices, routers, computers with CAD and blueprint software, Wi-Fi hotspots, and so on, are all housed on modern construction sites, the operational headquarters. Due to the temporary nature of construction works, the IT infrastructure is often less protected than similar configurations in a traditional office. This constitutes a target for attackers looking to steal precious data that developers, architects, engineers and site managers have access to and share on a day-to-day basis.

Integrated security on construction sites becomes a vital requirement to reduce theft damage, but also a powerful tool to prevent costly production delays and those expenses not immediately visible when assessing a job, that may then become consistent and affect the effectiveness of the construction works and the construction company’s image.

Ico-pos-Assistenza reti informatiche

In general, theft on a construction site costs between 300 million and 1 billion dollars each year (just for equipment, without the cost of any stolen materials). Only 25% of all the items stolen from a construction site is recovered. Plus any incremental risk and damage due to data breach.

Dynamic perimeter protection

To respond to these multiple risk factors effectively, a holistic security approach needs to be implemented.

Dynamic perimeter protection, construction site access monitoring, workers safety issues, cyber security vulnerability: these are the areas that should be protected by developing integrated security solutions.

Find out below how we protect the construction site’s typical assets.

How Axitea can help you

Solutions for any kind of risk

A dynamic perimeter protection is required - because certain construction sites are often “in slow movement” - with a Control Room for local operational control and mobile robot equipment with thermal and optical scanners and sensors, including those with audio management, for silent and smart listening of the noises on the site. Advanced videosurveillance systems, with high definition images, quick processing, specific AI-based algorithms, are essential to signal any status changes and trigger alerts to local and/or remote security staff.

Daytime and night-time patrolling of the construction site and warehouse critical areas with armed guards can be reinforced with drone-based solutions to expand the surveillance perimeter, speed up surveillance and improve the outcome and accuracy of a possible intervention.

Vehicle and staff access monitoring systems, including wearable smart devices for movement tracking, alerts near dangerous areas, residence times and related PPE checks help integrate safety and security to ensure greater productivity and protection. Even the equipment - including earth moving vehicles, equipped with IoT devices, smart control units and specific applications - can provide data, information and control signals useful to maintain the managed security thresholds.

It is crucial to provide the workstations (PC and laptops, servers, etc.) with suitable cyber protection measures, including wireless networks (e.g. checking if access passwords are strong enough, checking the firmware of any device used, vulnerability assessment, etc.) and the availability of centres to check events and alarms in managed mode, which can help the construction site workers and supervisors focus on their core activities, and leave the integrated security specialist support to dedicated organizations and teams.

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