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Latest-generation Cyber Security solutions to protect your company’s business

The importance of Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Cyber risk is a corporate economic risk that can lead to process blockages, data theft and breaches, production alteration or modification, and loss of personal data and sensitive information, resulting in reputational damage.

When we talk about cyber security, we refer to a constantly evolving phenomenon, which has to face new forms of attack every day.

In the last 6 years, cyber attacks have grown by 240% and the costs generated globally by cybercriminal activities have reached €500 billion.

One more critical point: with the GDPR coming into effect, companies are required to report cyber attacks they have suffered and any data theft within the next 72 hours.

In order to counter this situation, it would be necessary to have a Cyber security structure that is always up-to-date, i.e. capable of studying effective solutions, responding to possible attacks and increasing the corporate culture required to face these threats.

Most organizations do not have the time, money or staff to manage a security program - optimized 24/7/365 - and reconstruct events as required by the Regulation.

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Axitea’s Security Operation Center

Axitea provides adequate countermeasures against the most advanced cyber threats by making its Security Operation Center available to companies 24/7.

Axitea’s SOC is an integrated and multidisciplinary ecosystem able to provide managed security services and, at the same time, respond to any corporate security challenge effectively.

The SOC comprises certified professionals and multidisciplinary teams who, thanks to the use of integrated and advanced technological platforms, identify the assets to be protected, assess and manage risks, detect threats and respond to incidents.

Total number of events/month
Number of security tickets handled/month
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Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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These services allow mapping corporate IT system Risks and Vulnerabilities, the level of potential damage and the necessary countermeasures to be taken to increase its security.

Our Assessment services

Threat Intelligence

Collection and analysis of information in order to characterize possible cyber threats from a technical, resource, motivation and intent perspective, in relation to the client’s specific operational contexts.

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Test

Test for measuring the level of protection of the IT network and digital infrastructure, in order to detect gaps and improvement areas.

Phishing Attack Simulator

Employee training on phishing attacks (methods, best practices, etc…) and attack simulation through ad hoc e-mail campaigns, to test their learning.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Analysis of cyber risks from the entire chain of services provided (external suppliers, maintainers, consultants, etc…).


Axitea's prevention services help companies and organizations to minimize the risk of cyber attacks, proactively monitoring and blocking any malicious event.

Our Prevention services

Data Center Protection

Monitoring and protection of single applications and processes within a corporate network, through non-IP-based segmentation.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Timely and targeted protection of the most critical business data based on specific rules (blocking of database transfer to USB, etc.).

SOC as a Service

Real-time monitoring of events generated by applications and corporate information systems 24/7, as a proactive tool to defend and protect from cyber attacks.

Cryptography and Data Encryption

Hard disk encryption to prevent the free reading of sensitive data in the event of PC theft.

VPN as a Service

Creating secure connections for employees working remotely, without having to make investments to upgrade the existing infrastructure.

Email Security

Advanced control of inbound and outbound email traffic to recognize and block malware-infected emails.


Incident Response services consist of a series of activities aimed at minimizing the effects of a violation, guaranteeing the integrity of data and system resources, defining the perimeter of the attack, reconstructing the facts that occurred, to try to prevent future violations and to produce evidence documents to certify the attack suffered.

Our Response services

Log Retention

Solution that allows the collection of critical events that occurred in the network, to verify causes and effects of cyber attacks and/or faults.

Ransomware Incident Response

Support provided to the customer in the event of a ransomware attack, to try to recover encrypted data and contain malware propagation.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced network protection (PCs, Servers, mobile) from malware and network traffic control.

Incident Management

Minimizing the damage of a cyber attack and identifying the activities/processes to restore normal operations in the best way and the shortest time possible.

Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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