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Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Protection against supplier and partner cyber damage

Today, all companies work within an integrated ecosystem made up of suppliers of products, solutions, services and consulting, contractors who outsource the management of certain services and processes, and business partners who improve their offerings and customers.

All these realities interact in real time with a company and provide and/or consume information: they are therefore integrated within the information system of that organization.

The strength of a chain is determined by the strength of its weakest link!

To protect the value of its digital and technology assets and ensure business continuity - aka its ability to stay in the market - a company must find out what the weakest link is that could be the cause of a cyber incident.

Ico-pos-Monitoraggio reti informatiche

A recent survey by Deloitte found that 85% of global supply chains have experienced at least one supply disruption in the last 12 months. Only those who managed to combine risk management and supply chain, were able to activate a proactive risk management, and reported spending 50% less than the economic costs associated with what the outage costs would have been.

How Axitea can help you

Monitoring the supply chain for compromises requires specific technologies that constantly scan the web and can manage and process large amounts of data.

However, technology alone is not enough: you need experts who are able to interpret the information provided by technology and transform it into useful information organized by criticality.

The work of these experts must be supported by an infrastructure that allows them to monitor and intervene on the events at all times, 24/7: computer hackers are active 365 days a year.

Axitea ensures visibility and intervention 24/7, with experts always up-to-date on the latest attack techniques.

Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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Main features

The Supply Chain Risk Mitigation service is activated by monitoring the companies requested by the Customer: only publicly accessible information or information present on open sources on the web are collected, with no authorization required from target companies.

The information collected forms a time series in which an event that occurred up to 12 months prior to the date of request can then be investigated.

This information is accessible from a console managed 24/7 by Axitea's cyber security experts, and accessible by the customer on request.

Guaranteed 24/7 service, with customizable features from time to time and customer to customer.

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Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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