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Proactive security for Benigni&K's consulting world



The continuous digital evolution and development of new technologies has led to the involvement of professional firms in the Law Tech and Digital Transformation field.

By its very nature, a professional firm deals with sensitive and private information that needs to be protected as effectively as possible.

The collaboration with Axitea


The Benigni&K Group is an all-round partner for companies, with a particular focus on employment, tax and business consulting. The company has over 6,000 customers, from SMEs to multinationals, and operates from 10 offices in Italy and 3 overseas. It collaborates with partners both locally and internationally with the aim of offering the best services and solutions, based on their customers’ needs.

As it offers digital services, cyber security is key. In fact, Benigni&K processes an innumerable amount of sensitive data on behalf of its customers, ranging from tax, business and legal data.


Targets achieved

The advantages of the solutions adopted are clear: an expert team of technicians monitors the systems 24/7, and this helps to streamline the work of the IT Manager, who can focus on other activities.

However, the collaboration with Axitea goes well beyond monitoring: it is proactive and aimed at a continuous improvement and evolution of the systems, in order to make BK’s standing increasingly reliable on the market.

The project

Today, with the advent of remote systems and digitization, the data processed by Benigni&K are potentially at risk, and strategic protection measures are essential.

Benigni&K does not have any specific physical structures to protect, such as a production company, for instance; its wealth comes from the customer data residing in its servers under the control of Axitea’s SOC - Security Operation Center - which monitors their data 24/7.

Continuous protection

Axitea has been chosen thanks to its top skills to ensure continuous protection and support for all information security related issues.

The Managed Endpoint Detection & Response solution has been implemented, which involves the installation of physical equipment such as HA firewalls and software inside computers and servers to protect them against possible cyber attacks.

The company has grown rapidly through acquisitions in Italy, and has had to deal with some complex issues, especially in the area of security. Axitea was also able to provide support in this respect.

Benigni&K wants to further expand in the coming years to offer an increasing number of services - digital services in particular - to its customers, and this will only be possible by relying on partners such as Axitea to help it achieve this goal.

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Services provided

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced network protection (PCs, Servers, mobile) from malware and network traffic control.

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