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The manufacturing sector - in addition to traditional physical asset protection - is facing significant new challenges posed by digitization and process automation, IoT integration and the Covid-19 emergency.

The reference scenario

Manufacturing companies are faced with multiple risk factors, starting with the theft of goods (raw materials, semi-finished and finished products), damage to machinery and buildings, fires and unauthorized access to production and storage units.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accentuated the importance of safety measures in the workplace - a key requirement for increasing production efficiency and creating a safe working environment for employees, visitors and customers - and has accelerated smart-working processes.

Following the important digital transformation that the sector is moving through toward a logic of Industry X.0, the cyber security challenges that the manufacturing sector has to face have increased exponentially:

  • The amount of data generated by IoT devices, shared and processed on the Smart Manufacturing front has grown by leaps and bounds;
  • IoT devices and IT architectures are now inextricably linked;
  • The very perimeter of companies is increasingly broader and less defined, with a consequent physiological increase of vulnerabilities and intrusion by cyber-criminals.

It is therefore essential to protect any logical asset, such as digital data (patents, suppliers and customers’ sensitive data), SCADA systems, interconnections between locations (production, warehouses, etc. ...), to avoid the blocking or slowing down of production activities, delays in delivery times and reputational damage.

Axitea supports companies in the manufacturing sector by providing solutions to reduce the risks that undermine their physical and cyber security.


Ico-pos-Assistenza reti informatiche

By 2024, 60% of global manufacturing companies will opt for an integrated OT/IT approach to manage Security.

In addition to physical goods and services, Smart Factories will produce an increasing amount of data managed in Edge systems (*): managing operation-related IT risks will become an essential factor to ensure the continuity of business operations and maintain the sector competitive capacity in the new millennium.

(*) Edge computing is a distributed and open IT architecture with decentralized processing power, set up for mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

- Source: Clusit Report 2020 -

Axitea’s solution

The variety of assets to be protected requires an integrated physical and logical approach to security, designed specifically for the manufacturing sector.

Axitea provides manufacturing companies with its Security Operation Center, a centralized and dedicated organization that employs people, processes and technologies to monitor and continuously improve corporate security, by preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to security incidents.

Find out below how we protect the Manufacturing sector’s typical assets.

How Axitea can help you

Solutions for any kind of risk

To protect goods being processed or in the warehouse, machinery and production facilities against theft, tampering or damage, Axitea offers advanced security solutions, integrating the following systems:

  • Intrusion detection;
  • Video monitoring and video analysis;
  • Access control;
  • Fog systems.

With the following services:

  • Security guard intervention in the event of alarm sounding;
  • Patrolling;
  • Guarding.

To avoid production stoppages and the compromising of critical digital data (projects, payments, customer and supplier data and sensitive documents, such as patents and designs), Axitea offers monitoring services of critical IT infrastructures, network protection, workstations (PCs, Servers) and email traffic components, for proactive and advanced protection of work and production stations, IoT devices and SCADA infrastructures.

Who has already chosen Axitea?

Physical Security

Axitea's physical security solutions help companies prevent theft of goods, damage to machinery and buildings, fires and unauthorized access to production and storage units:

Fog Security System

Security system that, in case of attempted intrusion, spreads a dense and persistent blanket of non-toxic fog...

Video Management System

Platform for the centralized viewing of video systems of any size, from a few cameras up to...

Access Control Systems

Access control and protection solutions for companies, to prevent unauthorized access, also useful in case of health...

Private Security

Private security services that include alarm monitoring 24/7 from the Security Operation Center, alarm follow-up intervention by...

Perimeter Security Systems

Company perimeter protection systems, anticipating anti-intrusion alarms and significantly reducing the likelihood of theft.

Video-Alarm and Video-Surveillance

Proactive monitoring of cameras (or following alarms), for company perimeter and critical area control.

Cyber Security

Axitea identifies the most suitable solutions for protecting data & information and avoiding production disruptions:

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Test

Test for measuring the level of protection of the IT network and digital infrastructure, in order to...

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced network protection (PCs, Servers, mobile) from malware and network traffic control.

SOC as a Service

Real-time monitoring of events generated by applications and corporate information systems 24/7, as a proactive tool to...

Email Security

Advanced control of inbound and outbound email traffic to recognize and block malware-infected emails.

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Axitea's experts in data protection are available for the verification and implementation of data management systems in compliance with the latest privacy regulations:

DPO as a Service

DPO as a Service Data protection experts, whose job is to evaluate and organize the management of...

GDPR Compliance Consulting

Verification of potential GAPs in the mandatory protection measures compliance requirements, and security of personal data processed...


Solutions for health protection in the workplace, aimed at maintaining the business continuity of each company:

Social Distancing Solutions

Worker-distancing management, by tracking their movements and interactions, in order to retrace the chain of transmission.

Body Temperature Measurement

Body temperature detection solutions on individuals or groups, to check that the temperature is below the threshold...

Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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