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Security Operation Center

What is a SOC?

Thefts and robberies, hacker attacks, malfunctions, faults, incidents, human errors, impacts resulting from atmospheric events, natural disasters and pandemics are elements that need to be monitored, managed and kept under check to preserve assets, people, data, buildings and business continuity of a company, in a modern view of production and social activities, based on an integrated risk management.

In order to offer its managed security services, Axitea resorts to an integrated and certified Security Operation Center (SOC), which receives and manages physical/cyber alarms from various control systems 24/7/365, and intervenes in the event of an alarm with the appropriate operating procedures to counter the specific risk.

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What is the role of the Security Operation Center?

Axitea Security Operation Center is a centralized and dedicated organization that employs people, processes & technologies to monitor and continuously improve an organization’s security, by preventing, detecting, analysing and responding to security incidents.

Typical managed security activities resort to innovative technologies, artificial intelligence and deep learning to gather, correlate and analyse events & alarms triggered by the physical and logical world, independently or at the same time.

Highly qualified and multitasking personnel processes these data 7/24/365, through software platforms specialized in data collection & classification and incident management, by supporting customers in preventive analysis, remediation, mitigation and forensic activities.

A single point of control

Single Point of Action & Control to manage cyber & physical security events: alarms can come from security systems installed in buildings (access control, video control and intrusion detection systems), from personnel (personal security systems), from vehicles (satellite systems on cars or heavy vehicles) and, above all, from the computer network, PCs and smartphones and company servers (Cyber protection systems and software).

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