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Axitea is an ESG-sensitive company

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The Axitea path

Some time ago, Axitea embarked on a path that adopts ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies affecting all business processes, and continues in this same direction today.

This means pursuing sustainability in all activities, relationships, economic or resource investments through a series of policies that minimise the organisation's impact on the environment by improving the working conditions of staff.

With this in mind, the company adopted a five-year Sustainability Plan (from 2023 to 2027) based on the following three Pillars: People at the center of our philosophy, attention to the environment, sustainable governance as a management model.

Sustainability Plan 2023-2027

Furthermore, starting from 2024, Axitea has validated its first Sustainability Report, drawn up on a voluntary basis using GRI standards.

Sustainability Report

People at the heart of our philosophy

Protecting the health, inclusion and wellbeing of employees and developing the relationship with the territory

Attention to the environment

Promoting environmental protection and the development of the energy transition and improving circular economy systems

Sustainable governance as a management model

Integrating sustainability into the corporate governance model


Strategic priorities

The Plan identifies concrete short- to medium-term actions concerning the main sustainability issues relevant to the Company.

The Plan focuses on five strategic priorities: protection and well-being of employees, development of the relationship with the territory, environmental protection and energy transition, circular economy, integrating sustainability into the governance model.

Sustainable Development Goals

For each of the strategic issues, actions have been identified to achieve concrete targets: the aim is to maximise positive impacts and minimise negative ones, while also meeting stakeholders' priorities and expectations.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were taken into consideration when defining the main strategic drivers.

UNI EN ISO 14021:2021

ISO 14021

In relation to the UNI EN ISO 14021:2021 standard, the environmental assertions self-declared by Axitea have been declared compliant with the applicable requirements of the standard relating to the performance of the patrolling and surveillance services described in the technical sheet attached to the certification and carried out in the period January 2022 – April 2024.

Thanks to the introduction of video surveillance services based on the use of advanced analysis algorithms created with Artificial Intelligence, using a verified model for estimating the environmental impacts associated with the performance of surveillance services in all operational branches, Axitea has recorded in the period January 2022 - April 2024 an average saving of 10 kg CO2e per active contract, equivalent to a 5% reduction in total emissions per active contract calculating an uncertainty of 5.96%

EcoVadis Rating

ecovadis bronde medal axitea

In 2024 Axitea achieved the "Bronze Medal" rating on the EcoVadis portal, one of the most accredited in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This recognition was awarded to Axitea as it falls within the 35% of the best companies evaluated by EcoVadis on the basis of the sustainability criteria demonstrated in four areas:

  • Environment
  • Labor practices and human rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable Procurement

Axitea acts in three areas to concretely bring added value in ESG compliance: control over resource consumption, ESG compliance of suppliers; implementation of ESG-relevant policies and SA 8000 certification.

Control over resource consumption

The Energy Manager

Monitoring consumption of energy, fuel, water, toner, paper and, in general, of all resources obtained from non-renewable raw materials: the Energy Manager is the company figure tasked with measuring compliance with the KPIs Axitea has set to achieve for itself, while working to contain the environmental impact generated by the services it provides.

Electricity from clean sources

Joint projects have been launched with providers of electricity from alternative, clean sources, with the aim of supplying the company in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Axitea and Treedom

In 2021, the company forged a strategic partnership with Treedom, aimed at financing agro-forestry projects, with the objective of offsetting the company's carbon footprint by reabsorbing equivalent volumes of the CO2 emitted, through the reforestation of the planet.

Sustainable mobility

A while ago, Axitea embarked on a process of electrification of its vehicle fleet, with the goal of achieving 100% electronically powered vehicles.

Mobility Manager

Another key figure is the Mobility Manager, who incorporates the mobility needs of Axitea's resources, pursuing a reduction in vehicle traffic through the design of sustainable travel plans.

Our certifications

Axitea has also been UNI EN ISO 14001 certified since 2017 for its Milan office and has recently included ESG standards in its MOG (Organisation, Management and Control Model) and Code of Ethics, communicating them to all employees.

ESG compliance of suppliers

Standard ESG for suppliers

Axitea's commitment to meeting ESG requirements is shared with its suppliers, who are held accountable for meeting performance indicators.

Value Alignment

Sustainability is an indispensable value and the entire supply chain is expected to be aware of and comply with this issue. An Axitea supplier must be accredited to a supplier portal and fill in a questionnaire, which involves answering a series of questions related to sustainability and social value and labour policies.

Sharing sustainability

Implementing a supply chain that is aware of and complies with sustainability policies is an essential value for Axitea, which must also be supported and developed for the benefit of its customers.

The implementation of ESG-relevant policies and SA 8000 certification

Social Values

In the past year, the number of colleagues of non-Italian nationality and culture has tripled for fiduciary and management services, while the number of female staff has increased by 46% in the past three years: the latter figure is particularly relevant for a sector, that of security, which is typically male.

SA8000 certification

Axitea guarantees respect for the fundamental human values of life and work, protected from discrimination, in all forms: this is achieved thanks to important social policies, also confirmed by the SA8000 certification obtained for all the company's sites.
SA8000 is a valid tool to guide the respect of workers' conditions in terms of human rights, development, valorisation, training and professional growth of people, and the health and safety of workers.

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Axitea concretely integrates ESG factors into its mission, in the organisational and decision-making processes, and in multiple projects and actions implemented on a daily basis by and for its resources. Discover more, download our Sustainability Report and Sustainability Plan.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Plan 2023-2027

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