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Physical Security

Integrated solutions of advanced and personalized protection for people, goods and real estate

Comprehensive protection against physical risks for companies, public administrations and individuals

When we talk about physical security, several targets are involved: from people’s safety, to the safeguarding of assets and buildings to prevent intrusion, theft or damage.

For private or public small, medium or large companies, there are countless security risks to face and against which defend their assets.

This is why Axitea has developed an all-round vision of physical and cyber risks, and of the technological, operational and procedural countermeasures to adopt to increase the level of security of company assets and ensure business continuity.

Managed security solutions

Axitea - a Global Security Provider - offers managed, integrated and customized security solutions to protect small and big companies, critical infrastructures and public administrations.

Axitea designs, develops and implements solutions for integrated, proactive and managed security, based on the most innovative technologies selected, tested and integrated by Axilab, Axitea's technology hub.

The fully customizable and scalable solutions include the monitoring of physical and logical alarms by the Security Operation Center, advanced private security services, integration, maintenance and technical assistance of security systems and video surveillance.

The technological solutions are managed by the SOC - Security Operation Center - a centralized and dedicated organization that employs people, processes and technologies to monitor and continuously improve an organization’s security, by preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to security incidents.

Security Guards
Installer Technicians
Alarms handled by the SOC
Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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Security and Video-Surveillance

Alarm monitoring and intervention, patrolling and stakeouts, remote viewing of emergency and dangerous conditions, and personal security services.

Our Security and Video Surveillance Services

Private Security

Private security services that include alarm monitoring 24/7 from the Security Operation Center, alarm follow-up intervention by private security, patrolling and guarding.

Home Security

Home protection services through professional, effective and discreet alarm systems, with 24/7 alarm monitoring from the Security Operation Center and intervention by security guards.

Video-Alarm and Video-Surveillance

Proactive monitoring of cameras (or following alarms), for company perimeter and critical area control.

Personal Safety and Security

Anti-robbery, anti-attack, man-down SOS solution with pocket-sized device, connected 24/7 to Axitea’s Security Operation Center.

Design and installation

Axitea designs, develops and implements solutions for integrated, proactive and managed security, based on the most innovative technologies selected, tested and integrated by Axilab, Axitea's technology hub.

Our Design and Installation services

Fog Security System

Security system that, in case of attempted intrusion, spreads a dense and persistent blanket of non-toxic fog to protect goods stored in warehouses from theft.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Design, implementation and installation of solutions to protect sensitive areas against the risk of intrusion.

Fire Detection Systems

Design and implementation of certified fire-prevention systems for the protection of people and goods against fire risks.

Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

Physical security management solutions through software platforms that integrate different unrelated security systems.

Audio and Video Analysis Systems

Artificial intelligence applied to video surveillance and audio detection, for increasingly effective detection and prevention of criminal acts.

Video Management System

Platform for the centralized viewing of video systems of any size, from a few cameras up to over 1,000 devices: advanced and customizable solutions that can be integrated with the latest technologies.

Access Control Systems

Access control and protection solutions for companies, to prevent unauthorized access, also useful in case of health emergencies.

Perimeter Security Systems

Company perimeter protection systems, anticipating anti-intrusion alarms and significantly reducing the likelihood of theft.

Security Systems Maintenance

Maintenance and technical support services 24/7/365, on Axitea’s or customer’s security systems.

Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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