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Pharmaceutical distribution logistics requires special care: the weak link of this supply chain is transportation.

The combination between sensor systems, connectivity and data analysis has led to IoT (Internet of Things) applications, even in the cold chain, through which the supply chain players can control, plan and foresee the progress of a shipment in an accurate manner.

At the same time, it is extremely important to reduce the risk of vehicle, trailer and/or transported goods theft, to safeguard the driver's safety against any possible robberies and/or to assist him in case of illness or emergency.

The collaboration with Axitea

The Bomi Group is a multinational company, active in the field of integrated logistics for the Healthcare sector for over 35 years.

Present in 20 Countries worldwide, with over 2,000 employees between Europe and Latin America, it has over 100 multinational clients in the Healthcare sector.

In Italy, the Bomi Group manages any medical device, medicine or high-tech healthcare product at its own warehouses, and delivers them to hospitals, labs, pharmacies and at-home patients, through a fleet with over 300 vehicles and cutting-edge technologies.

Their headquarters are located in Spino d’Adda, in the Cremona province, and their business develops through 15 logistic hubs, divided between storage warehouses and regional transport hubs to cover the entire national territory.

The Bomi Group contacted Axitea looking for a single supplier that could support it in managing the cold chain during transport, and the security of its vehicle fleet.


Targets achieved

Axitea provides a series of high value-added services to the Bomi Group, allowing it to work in an efficient and effective manner, by ensuring vehicle security and quality of the goods they are transporting.

The project

Axitea provides services that support the cold chain transport and management to the Bomi Group.

Temperature is an essential variable for many medicines; Axitea’s solutions allows monitoring the temperature of each refrigerated or temperature-controlled shipment.

The position of the entire vehicle fleet is monitored remotely, based on a series of preset and customizable parameters.

Through Axitea web interface, operators can be alerted in real time on potential anomalies and make informed decisions.

Benefits of this solution

  • Geolocalization: fleet management via Axitea web portal, with optimized vehicle localization in real time, identification through map positioning and route/stops downloading.
  • Fuel consumption: information on fuel consumption (and therefore transportation costs) in real time, and complete satellite-based maintenance management on the entire vehicle fleet.
  • Goods and vehicle security to prevent thefts or shortages.
  • Automatic tachigraph management with the drivers’ driving hours: this operation was carried out manually in the past, with all the difficulties and inefficiencies that this many entail.

The collaboration with Axitea has proven to have great added value to the Bomi Group’s business.

The chance to optimize logistics and control the cold chain has helped increase the business productivity, with indisputable benefits at management level, and consequent actual economic benefits.

Axitea’s team, along with the Bomi Group’s, is striving to achieve the cold chain certification, to crown a virtuous path that will allow both businesses to grow, together.

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Services provided

Fleet Management Software

Tools for monitoring and localization of a fleet or single vehicles, route and path planning, maintenance scheduling,...

Vehicle Satellite Control

Vehicle Satellite Control Satellite monitoring of vehicles and goods transported 24/7/365, by the Security Operation Center.

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