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Case study

Advanced security of natural gas storage for Ital Gas Storage



Due to their nature, storage systems are complex to manage.
Protecting a natural gas storage system requires accurate design, planning and installation.

It requires evaluating threats and analysing risks in a very thorough manner, by considering the impact and cost of possible thefts or damage, the area where the system is located, and many other variables to ensure business continuity.

The collaboration with Axitea

Ital Gas Storage is the first independent gas storage operator in Italy.

Ital Gas Storage system is located in Northern Italy, in Cornegliano Laudense. It has been designed with cutting-edge technologies, in full compliance with safety regulations, and is connected to the Italian gas pipeline network through the Cervignano junction - a crucial point in the national gas transportation network, where the natural gas import/export distributions in Italy are conveyed.

The gas storage system is required to allow a prompt gas distribution to the consumption points, by limiting dependency of national production from import contracts and regasification programs.

The process is divided into different steps: compression/injection, extraction and redelivery. Every step is carefully managed, thanks to the completely computer-based control system.

The collaboration with Axitea started in 2019, with the provision of surveillance services and the implementation of integrated video control and access control systems.


Targets achieved

Axitea provided an all-round integrated package to Ital Gas Storage, including all security aspects to protect its systems, offices and facilities.

The project

In order to increase Ital Gas Storage site protection levels, videosurveillance services with 24/7 connection to Axitea Security Operation Center, surveillance services with inspection and monitoring, and alarm-related intervention services were activated.

In addition, a complex access control and video control system with thermal cameras for perimeter protection in the facilities, and context cameras for the other company’s areas were provided and installed.

Video system

Through thermal cameras, accurate video analysis can be carried out, to accurately monitor any moving person or object, even at great distance.

The system allows monitoring isolated system areas remotely: a crucial aspect to promptly identify any critical situation.

The video system is controlled from a central high-level VMS (Video Management System) platform, which provides images and data consolidated in a single place.

In addition, video control system maintenance services were provided, to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness over time.

Lastly, through its privacy experts, Axitea took care of all GDPR- and videosurveillance regulation-compliance aspects for the video control systems installed.

Services provided

Access Control Systems

Access control and protection solutions for companies, to prevent unauthorized access, also useful in case of health...

GDPR Compliance Consulting

Verification of potential GAPs in the mandatory protection measures compliance requirements, and security of personal data processed...

Perimeter Security Systems

Company perimeter protection systems, anticipating anti-intrusion alarms and significantly reducing the likelihood of theft.

Private Security

Private security services that include alarm monitoring 24/7 from the Security Operation Center, alarm follow-up intervention by...

Security Systems Maintenance

Maintenance and technical support services 24/7/365, on Axitea’s or customer’s security systems.

Video Management System

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Video-Alarm and Video-Surveillance

Proactive monitoring of cameras (or following alarms), for company perimeter and critical area control.

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