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Our approach

Axitea operates as a Global Security Provider by integrating private surveillance services with innovative technologies and physical and cyber protection systems in a rapidly changing market, for the convergence between IT, telecommunications, controls, automation and Internet of Things.

We have a team of experts specialized in each security area (physical security, cyber security, data processing, biosafety, training).

Based on the customer’s security requirements, Axitea’s security experts analyze the risks and events that can have a negative impact on a company's life, business continuity and image (theft, cyber attacks, data breaches, penalties, etc.).

The common goal is to secure the customer, safeguarding it from external and internal factors that would lead to production stoppages, business disruptions, drops in turnover, loss of brand value and reputation.



We ensure continuous training and updates for technical, operational and sales staff: thanks to this continuous training, every Axitea employee or collaborator is able to provide the assigned services, guaranteeing high levels of quality, in compliance with the service agreements.



Axitea designs and implements a differentiated approach, based on current and future risks, through a set of technical/operational procedures and activities resulting from years of experience in managing alarms and critical events.



Axitea is vendor independent: we select the most innovative technologies for the security systems we design and install, for our Security Operation Center, and for our operators and technicians who work in the territory and help us protect our customers.

Territorial coverage

Axitea operates throughout Italy, and also on the international market, for the design and implementation of technologically advanced physical and cyber security solutions, security consulting services and vehicle and mobile asset control solutions.

For private security services - ranging from alarm follow-up intervention to patrols, stakeouts and doorman services - Axitea operates throughout Italy with a widespread network: directly, directly through its own security guards, or through carefully selected and certified partner companies.

Axitea’s Security Operation Center receives and manages physical/cyber alarms from various control systems, sensors and IoT devices 24/7, and intervenes in the event of an alarm with the appropriate operating procedures to counter the specific risk.


Axilab is the innovation workshop that carries out scouting activities, defines the guidelines for new products and identifies custom security requirements according to specific customer requirements.

We have created an ecosystem of qualified and certified partners, best in class in their areas of expertise: since we are not bound to any specific vendor, but only to our experience and know-how, we can select the best technological solution available for the customer’s specific security needs.

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