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Security Governance Models

Creation of an efficient security system in line with company needs

Axitea can support companies in the design and implementation of activities and operations to establish the best security management process possible, in accordance with industry standards/regulations and in parallel with the company's business strategies.

The Security Governance service allows Axitea’s customers to build organizational and technological security models that comply with - among others - the following regulations or industry standards:

  • GDPR (in particular, Art. 32 and 42 Reg. EU 2016/679).
  • NIS Directive 2016/1148.
  • Reg. EU 2019/881 (Cybersecurity Act).
  • PCI DSS.
  • ISO 27001:2015.
  • ISO 27701: 2019.
  • NIST SP 800_100.
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According to ISO and Accredia sources, as of July 2019, the number of ISO 27001:2015 certified companies can be estimated at about 1,250 companies (about 200 more than in 2018), compared to a number of certified companies worldwide, as surveyed by ISO in 2018, of about 31,910 companies.

How Axitea can help you

Axitea's Security Governance services are able to intercept every customer need, with regard to:

Security Accountability

A certificate that attests to the company’s compliance with legal provisions, by handling sensitive information and personal data in a secure manner.

Risk Reduction

Minimization of cyber threat related risks, and consequent reduction of any incident-related managing costs.

Process efficiency

Optimization of business processes, reduction of corporate security and compliance risks, reduction of any corporate insurance costs incurred in relation to cyber security incidents.

Constant risk monitoring

Continuous measurement of corporate security performance through sustainable KPIs tailored to the customer’s specifics.

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Main features

The main Security Governance service activities are described below:

ICT & Cyber Risk Analysis

To assess the actual security level of the company's infrastructure.

Security Planning

To make investments consistent with business needs.

Security Design

To increase the organization’s level of security through a risk-based design of organizational, procedural and technological measures to manage corporate security.

Security Organization

To optimize the management of the resources involved (technologies and people).

Security Performance Monitoring

To measure compliance and performance over time.

Security Education

To organize and deliver specialist and awareness courses on corporate security issues.

Other ICT & Cyber Security Consulting services

Identity Access Governance

Consulting services for the design, management and monitoring of access to corporate information assets.

Gap Analysis & Reporting

Consulting services for a professional assessment of the company's security level.

Security Governance Models

Support for companies in the design and implementation of security management process, in accordance with industry regulations...

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