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Security Systems Maintenance

Maintenance services are fundamental for an effective and efficient security system over time

The need to keep technological security systems functioning, and adapting them to the regulations over time, should lead companies to implement activities aimed at systematically managing the security equipment ageing and degradation processes.

Failure to manage this properly could lead to localized or general malfunctions and a consequent decrease in system effectiveness.

Axitea's maintenance and technical assistance service for security systems responds to this need, and is provided through employed technicians and specialized technological partners, distributed throughout the country.

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Axitea services over 60,000 security systems.

How Axitea can help you

Technical intervention 24/7

Interventions are ensured 24/7/365, guaranteeing direct telephone support by a specialized technician, the system technological control center, or direct and immediate on-site interventions.

Established processes to ensure high efficiency

Intervention requests are managed through the company’s information system and through a work force automation system. Thanks to this, interventions can be scheduled by activating the closest technician to the Customer in real time. This information is securely transmitted to the technician who, being constantly connected to the information system, defines the intervention in the most effective and efficient way.

Specialized and certified staff

Our specialized and continuously trained staff selects the best service workshops to quickly repair the equipment, which is tested and subjected to quality control processes before being reinstalled at the customer's premises.

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Main features

Axitea's maintenance services include routine maintenance operations (periodic inspection visits), or extraordinary maintenance activities (on-call interventions).

The interventions are aimed at restoring the normal system’s functions. Repairs are carried out whenever there is a fault of any kind that may lead to interruptions or alterations in normal operation.

The Service Centre is the single point of contact the Customer can turn to, to report a fault and receive technical support to solve the related issues and restore correct equipment operation.

All maintenance technicians use a mobile device to carry out programming operations on control units and radio links, and to always have the technical data sheets of the equipment to be maintained online.

Other design and installation of integrated solutions

Fog Security System

Security system that, in case of attempted intrusion, spreads a dense and persistent blanket of non-toxic fog...

Intrusion Detection Systems

Design, implementation and installation of solutions to protect sensitive areas against the risk of intrusion.

Fire Detection Systems

Design and implementation of certified fire-prevention systems for the protection of people and goods against fire risks.

Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

Physical security management solutions through software platforms that integrate different unrelated security systems.

Audio and Video Analysis Systems

Artificial intelligence applied to video surveillance and audio detection, for increasingly effective detection and prevention of criminal...

Video Management System

Platform for the centralized viewing of video systems of any size, from a few cameras up to...

Access Control Systems

Access control and protection solutions for companies, to prevent unauthorized access, also useful in case of health...

Perimeter Security Systems

Company perimeter protection systems, anticipating anti-intrusion alarms and significantly reducing the likelihood of theft.

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