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GDPR Compliance Consulting

Advanced consulting to adapt privacy regulations

The GDPR Compliance service consists of an in-depth and complete assessment activity, aimed at adapting the company to the GDPR regulations and verifying potential organizational, technological, procedural and training GAPs, with respect to the provisions necessary to comply with the appropriate measures for the protection and security of personal data processed within the company.

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With GDPR, the way personal data is handled within the company has changed. Thanks to Axitea's GDPR compliance service, it is possible to transform this cost into an investment, bringing tangible benefits within the company.

How Axitea can help you

All-round support in the adaptation process

Axitea assists and supports the customer in all phases of the delicate process that leads to compliance with GDPR regulations.

Multidisciplinary skills

A single point of contact, with experts in privacy, internal processes, legal and data security, offering a complete consultancy service with the highest quality standards.

Increased focus on protecting data that is at the heart of every business

Thanks to the assessment activity, evidence is provided on the state of exposure to risk, in relation to processing of personal data carried out by the company, creating awareness in company owners and employees regarding privacy-sensitive issues.

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Main features

With the GDPR Compliance service, Axitea offers an all-round one-off solution. From design, to improvement audits and staff training, to ensure the correct management of personal data. The service is scalable and can be integrated with any management models implemented.

The modular and scalable project activity is divided into 4 distinct and linear phases:


Assessing the current situation, with perimeter and process analysis, and processing profiling.

Risk Management & Protection

Risk analysis, data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and security analysis.


Support, based on evidence from previous phases, in the definition of the management model, role profiling, creation of registers and information and functional requirements.

Training & Control

Upon request, training activities are available, with the adoption of tools and initiatives to increase awareness within the company, and organization of annual audits.

Axitea carries out multiple multidisciplinary analysis activities concerning all corporate areas for its customers.

Process analysis

Process analysts who can map business services professionally and quickly.


Logical Security analysts and consultants, capable of carrying out assessments and remediation plans.


Specialized compliance lawyers and consultants who can produce the necessary documentation.


ICT analysts and architects capable of providing support on BD&BD Privacy issues.

A thorough and complete analysis compels the customer to interact with different figures (accountants, external consultants, etc.), each specialized in their own field. With the GDPR Compliance service, on the other hand, the customer will have a single point of contact with high quality standards.

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