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Cyber Awareness & Training

The majority of security incidents is caused by a lack of user awareness: Axitea offers a timely and interactive training program on IT security

Training program, available in e-learning and classroom mode, to promote awareness of security issues at all levels. The objective is to provide companies with a series of useful tools to protect organizations and their employees, promoting security awareness and consequently making their business safer and more efficient.

The cyber awareness & training course provides the foundation for understanding risks, recognizing fraud, and implementing cybersecurity best practices to protect an organization's key assets.

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When it comes to security, people make all the difference: if we analyze the logical security chain in a company, people’s behavior is the weakest link, one of the most critical elements, and it must therefore be "configured" and "optimized" in order to be able to recognize threats and adopt the most suitable behavior.

How Axitea can help you

Team of experts at your disposal

A team of experts on security issues, always up-to-date to highlight the techniques adopted during attacks and inform users about the most appropriate behavior for a correct prevention strategy.

Flexibility of E-Learning

Different course delivery options available, based on your needs, and customization according to the knowledge of each user. The e-learning platform is simple, user-friendly and compatible with all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).


Possibility of receiving a personalized certificate of participation at the end of the course.

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Main features

The service aims at becoming a point of reference for Italian companies, on topics ranging from education and training to individual risk perception, and with the world of companies and their specific security and training needs as its target.

Purposes of the service:

  • Promoting Integration Security in companies.
  • Offering a catalog of high quality courses and awareness programs for clients.
  • With the help of experienced technicians and professionals, providing support to companies to prevent cyber attacks, by training the weakest link in the information security chain: the user.

The courses will be delivered in two modes:

  • In-class: in the classroom, with a dedicated professional tutor and a course tailored to the client's needs. Lessons can be held, as required, at the customer's premises or in Axitea's training room. Courses can also be delivered in webinar mode, i.e. with “live” lessons held by the tutor remotely.
  • E-Learning: through a specific online platform, with a multimedia path including different kinds of resources. The user-friendly and engaging interface is compatible with all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

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