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Ransomware Incident Response

Emergency intervention following computer incidents due to ransomware, with support in containing the attack, possible interaction with the attacker, restoration of operations, forensic investigation and subsequent remediation phases

More and more businesses are being hit by ransomware attacks that make data and applications unavailable and lock down servers, causing business disruptions that can lead to a complete shutdown for up to several weeks.

Axitea monitors many of these attacks on a daily basis, and actively nips them in the bud, even when they strike during the night or on weekends.

Organizations that are attacked have to deal with several problems: understanding what was affected and who you are dealing with, evaluating ransomware payment, resuming an emergency operativity, managing the recovery of data and systems to restore normal operations, collecting evidence of the attack for use in the appropriate venues, and reclaiming the computer system.

This requires know-how, multi-specialty skills, immediate responsiveness, money and cold blood, all of which are not part of the standard resource pool of a company's IT structure.

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When dealing with a ransomware attack, response times are key - this means relying on a team of cyber security specialists, minimizing the consequences and getting your network and business systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

How Axitea can help you

Axitea has a team of specialists ready to help companies and organizations through:

Reaction speed

Thanks to the on-call service.

Expert support

During all phases, relieving company resources from managing an emergency for which they are not prepared.

Containment of consequences

Isolating compromised systems, and avoiding further economic and reputational damage.

Restoration of business operations

Achieving a return to normality in less time than an attack managed by resources not specialized in cyber security.

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Main features

Customer support

To identify and classify compromised systems and data by business criticality, assessing the possibility of recovery through backups.


Possible negotiation with the attacker, until a possible ransom is handled.

DB decryption and recovery

Support in the database decryption and recovery phases.

Forensic analysis

Useful for GDPR compliance and attack path reconstruction.


Remediation support, to permanently eliminate ransomware from your network and business systems.

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