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Digital Tachograph Data Download

Maximum efficiency in downloading, managing and storing tachograph data

Organizing the work of hauliers optimally is very complicated: shifts, drivers' rest hours, stops, work assignments and kilometers travelled. The tachograph is a fundamental tool for managing these aspects, so much so that, since 2014, installation has been compulsory and, in the event of non-compliance (for example, drivers who have been driving for too many hours), heavy penalties are imposed.

Since it is connected to the tachograph, Axitea’s satellite system can communicate driving hours, work hours, rest hours, and the kilometers covered daily in real time. It can be set-up to receive warnings for penalty-prevention and reports to calculate the drivers’ driving/working hours.

The service autonomously downloads the ".ddd" file, a document that the company is legally bound to download from the vehicle every 28 days, It will no longer be necessary to have the vehicle on site: the files will be automatically available in Axitea’s platform, ready to be read and stored.

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Axitea’s solution provides the basis for modern fleet management, allowing you to view, analyze and store digital tachograph data in a convenient and secure way, regardless of the fleet size.

How Axitea can help you

With the digital tachograph data download solution, you can:

Meet legal requirements

Significantly reducing the risk of fines and administrative penalties by observing driving and rest times.

Always have driver data on hand

By viewing the driver card data (driving, rest and work hours) in real time, to monitor the level of saturation of the hours of your fleet.

Maximum transport efficiency

Thanks to the fleet manager portal, you can immediately assign a job to a resource, without having to resort to manual analysis, thus saving fuel, time and money.

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Main features

Possibility to read data in real time

The digital tachograph is not a new technology; however, combining it with a peripheral device installed on the vehicle and the Web Fleet Management platform makes all the difference: the ability to read and transmit vehicle and driver data in real time is key.

Real-time alert

Why? If the daily driving hours are exceeded, the company will be alerted in real time by Axitea and will avoid incurring penalties, without having to wait to download the data when the driver returns to the premises.

Connection to Axitea Security Operation Center

The tachograph integrated in Axitea’s satellite solution also offers a high level of security for the vehicle, the goods and the driver. Thanks to the connection to the Security Operation Center, you can monitor and manage security alarms 24 hours a day, allowing company managers to be always alerted in case of a dangerous situation.

Analysis of delivery management options:

In case of a new shipment, you can quickly analyze which driver has the appropriate daily driving hours and distance to pick it up.

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Digital Tachograph Data Download

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