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With Axitea's Incident Management solution, you can ensure prompt management of a cyber incident, minimizing the possible consequences

Business Continuity - the ability of a company to continue producing or delivering services in the face of adverse events of any kind that might occur - is an essential practice to ensure the resilience of any organization.

Among the top threats perceived by organizations, cyber attacks and data loss rank first (source: BCI Horizon Scan Report 2019).

Some kinds of hacker attacks can block the company's operations, causing serious damages to their Business Continuity: think of DDoS or Ramsomware attacks, or of the need to "isolate" a service in order to contain a threat or the spread of a cyber "infection".

The main objective of Axitea’s Incident Management service is to restore normal service operations as quickly as possible, with minimum interruption, ensuring that optimal levels of service and availability are maintained.

Ico-pos-Monitoraggio reti informatiche

In 2019, the overall costs related to IT service outages were estimated at more than $500 million, a figure that could have been contained by handling IT incidents more quickly and efficiently.

(source: The BCI Horizon Scan Report 2019)

How Axitea can help you

Lower impact of incidents on the business

Rapid management and resolution of a cyber incident results in less disruption to both employees and users, helping to increase customer satisfaction.

Improved security

The service allows you to proactively identify possible security improvements to be made to your IT infrastructure.

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Main features

The service includes a series of activities implemented to mitigate the effects of an attack, restoring normal system operation as soon as possible. The solutions chosen vary from case to case, depending on the type and severity of the attack.

However, we can roughly summarize them as follows:

  • After an attack, it is essential to carry out an accurate assessment, to identify both the type of attack and its perimeter, i.e. what data has been physically compromised (e.g. made unreadable), and whether this data has also been hacked, i.e. sent outside. In this case, we would also speak of data breach, with all that this entails: our specialist can support the company in notifying both the Guarantor and any third parties involved - such as customers or suppliers - within the required deadlines.
  • The assessment activity is also important for the expert support to quantify the damage for possible payment of any insurance policies stipulated for the cyber risk or other forms of insurance.

All these activities can be performed by a managed security service provider on behalf of the affected business, effectively reducing the damage, the administrative burden and the impact on operations.

  • It is also fundamental to reconstruct - through forensic analysis activities - the attack model used to understand the causes that generated it, both to provide the right information to internal and external stakeholders, and to adopt the right protection countermeasures and avoid similar attacks in the future.

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