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Case Study

Advanced security for the law firm Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners



The continuous digital evolution and development of new technologies has led to the involvement of professional and law firms in the Law Tech and Digital Transformation field.

Legal and professional firms are increasingly finding that they need to collaborate with a technology partner to enhance and complete their services.

By its very nature, a law firm deals with sensitive and private information that needs to be protected as effectively as possible.

The collaboration with Axitea

Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners brings together a team of over 140 professionals who share a solid international background and excellent skills, widely recognized by the Italian and international business community.

A dynamic and independent reality that, thanks to its experience gained in complex and international operations and a thorough knowledge of the Italian market, guarantees a flexible and constantly evolving approach to its clients. From their offices in Milan, Rome and London, the firm's professionals assist their clients in every stage of their business, by providing the legal support necessary to build success stories.

The firm’s collaboration with Axitea began in 2017, thanks to the technological expertise made available to the firm to allow professionals to operate in complete security.


Targets achieved

Thanks to the relationship established between the Gattai team and the Axitea team, a very important partnership has developed.

Mutual respect and trust have made it possible to work in synergy and achieve the desired results: 360-degree coverage against IT risks, compliance with current GDPR and DPO as a Service regulations, and ISO27001 certification, which certifies that the firm’s work is carried out according to the highest standards of security and quality.

The project

Some of the solutions chosen include:

  • Managed Endpoint Detection and Response: continuous protection against the evolution of malware-based cyber attacks (such as viruses, APTs, ransomware and the like) and identification of the interventions necessary for existing protection measures.
  • SOC AS A SERVICE: an effective proactive tool for defense and prevention against cyber attacks, which performs real-time monitoring of events generated by applications and corporate information systems 24/7, through correlation activities to identify any critical issues to be managed. The service, supported by the combination of artificial and human intelligence, helps to detect what is happening inside the network and, with its overview, recognizes a cyber attack as soon as it occurs.
  • Other cyber security services, such as: Data Encryption and Data Loss Prevention, Endpoint & Server Encryption, Antispam.


The partnership between the Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners law firm was not limited to the provision of cyber security services, additional consulting services were also provided, including:

  • Safety in the workplace,
  • GDPR Consulting,
  • DPO as a Service,
  • ISO27001 Certification.

The latter is the most recent result of the collaboration between Axitea and the law firm. ISO27001 certification is the highest certification available when it comes to managing sensitive data on behalf of customers.

This standard defines the requirements for setting up and administering an information security management system (ISMS) and includes logical, physical and organizational security aspects.

Services provided

GDPR Compliance Consulting

Verification of potential GAPs in the mandatory protection measures compliance requirements, and security of personal data processed...

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Timely and targeted protection of the most critical business data based on specific rules (blocking of database...

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced network protection (PCs, Servers, mobile) from malware and network traffic control.

SOC as a Service

Real-time monitoring of events generated by applications and corporate information systems 24/7, as a proactive tool to...

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