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Being a Global Security Provider means having a staff with soft and multidisciplinary skills in the field of security.

Security Operation Center operators, cyber security analysts, compliance consultants, installation and maintenance technicians, threat hunters, security guards on the ground: highly qualified specialists with multidisciplinary skills, ready to undergo continuous training, constantly updating their knowledge and experience, regularly following the evolution of the leading technologies on the market, in order to adapt them to the internal production activity support processes and improve the quality of services.

One of Axitea’s main goals is to ensure the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. These values enabled Axitea to achieve a flattering NPS (Net Promoter Score, which measures customer satisfaction) rating of +65 in the last month of the year 2019 (source: survey conducted by independent company). This means that more than 90% of Axitea’s customers are satisfied.

Axitea employees
Security Specialists, experts in physical and cyber security
technicians specialized in security system installation and maintenance
customers who have entrusted their security to Axitea

Marco Bavazzano


Marco Bavazzano, is CEO of Axitea. In September 2014, he began a corporate renewal process, by positioning Axitea in the Italian market as a Global Security Provider, able to ensure the physical and cyber protection of SMEs and large companies.

He is currently the Honorary President of ASIS Italy. An opinion leader in the field of cybersecurity, in the ICT and information security sectors for over 20 years, he was formerly Vice President of Intellium LTD and EMEA Security Strategist Director at Symantec.

He worked in Telecom Italia for over ten years as Chief Information Security Office and Global IT Director.


Maurizio Tondi


Maurizio Tondi has held this role in Axitea since 2017. He joined the company in February 2015 and was the Strategy & Business Process Support Vice President.

He worked for over 10 years in Italtel, where he was responsible for business development for the EMEA market and was head of the Global R&D structure.

Since 2003, he has held various positions, and has been responsible for IT solutions, security and IP network engineering operations.

Previously, Tondi worked for Getronics, in networking and security; for Elsag (Finmeccanica) in ICT marketing, and for Olivetti for over ten years.


Lorenzo Giuman


Lorenzo Giuman has been Chief Customer Officer of Axitea since 2014.

He oversees the customer journey, from lead generation to offer definition, from continuous service quality provision improvement to caring and credit management activities, with the aim of constantly improving customer orientation in the entire organization.

He arrived at Axitea in 2009, from previous experiences in the information providing sector.

Monica Cassi

Monica Cassi


Monica Cassi is General Counsel of Axitea.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Pavia University, she obtained the title of Lawyer in June 2006. Her professional career combines her experience in international law firms, such as N.C.T.M. and Rucellai & Raffaelli Law firm, and her experience as Head of the Legal Department.

In this last area, the significant experiences she gained before joining Axitea include: Head of the Legal Department in a company listed on the Stock Exchange (Reno de Medici S.p.a.) and Contract Manager of a complex and structured multinational company in the IT world (IBM Italia S.p.A.).

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