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Video-Alarm and Video-Surveillance

We design and install intelligent and advanced video surveillance solutions

Video alarm and video surveillance services complete and increase the effectiveness of traditional alarm monitoring services, becoming an aid and expanding the protection of goods, environments and people.

Thanks to the use of strategically placed cameras, it is possible to remotely identify emergency/dangerous conditions and activate the best intervention protocols.

When an alarm is triggered, the "remote" video verification by the Security Operation Center (SOC) will allow an initial assessment of the extent of the danger and the actions implemented by the guards intervening on site to be guided, also in relation to possible direct hazards (e.g. suspicious persons and potential exposure to aggression) or indirect hazards resulting from ordinary operations (e.g. opening a door in the presence of smoke, flames, flooding, etc.) or, in the absence of intervention, to provide adequate information to the police or to the customer - even when present on site - for its appropriate evaluations.

Ico-pos-Monitoraggio reti informatiche

Image encryption is one of the appropriate and fundamental technical measures to achieve compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How Axitea can help you

Maximum efficiency in alarm management and intervention

Video alarm services are particularly effective in prompt remote video verification of alarm events and in identifying the causes, to allow for preventive evaluation (real and/or improper alarm).

They also allow the activation of the most appropriate countermeasures: sending the intervention patrol only when necessary and/or simultaneous activation of the Police Force, emergency and rescue vehicles.

Deterrent effect

The presence of video cameras installed in the buildings to be protected and connected to the Security Operation Center (with appropriate signage) has a very high deterrent effect in preventing theft and robbery.

Forensic analysis

In the event of an accident, having the images filed allows the posthumous reconstruction of the events, becoming a forensic tool (evidence documentation available to the Authorities) and an effective means of identifying adjustments to be made to active and passive defense systems that are of greater effect.

Video-patrol’s discretion

It replaces and/or complements the more traditional inspection service carried out by local patrols. It differs from the latter in that it is discreet and impossible to detect, so that any preparations for intrusion can be identified and interrupted.

Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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Main features


Video verification service following an alarm event generated by the security system(s) installed on site, aimed at ascertaining the causes of the alarm in advance, in preparation for the activation of suitable intervention countermeasures (patrols during service hours, police, emergency and rescue vehicles, customer information).


Periodic video inspections through installed cameras, both for the purpose of controlling the presence of strangers, organization of attacks or potential dangerous situations, and for technical purposes, for functional verification of the filming devices with consequent activation - in case of positive findings - of the appropriate intervention countermeasures (patrol during service hours, Police, emergency and rescue means, information to the customer).

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