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Axitea is knowledge, expertise and experience in physical and cyber security

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Our mission

A reference partner for integrated and managed security for SMEs and large private and public enterprises, Axitea designs, implements and develops the solutions best suited to its customers’ needs and their physical and cyber security requirements.

All Axitea's activities and services are market- and customer-oriented, to support them in tackling and effectively solving critical issues and addressing traditional and innovative business security requirements, in terms of prevention, risk mitigation and protection of physical assets (e.g. goods, infrastructures, vehicles, processes) and digital assets (sensitive and personal data, identities, projects, patents, business information, brand or image/reputation).

Thanks to the experience and skills acquired over the years, Axitea is capable of interpreting and transforming new sets of challenges into tailor-made security solutions and services, to ensure and defend the customers' business continuity, by adopting the most innovative security technologies and developing specialized services.

Established in 1914, Axitea has grown, gained experience and evolved from a security firm to a Global Security Provider

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Territorial coverage

Axitea operates throughout Italy and also on the international market, designing and implementing technologically advanced physical and cyber security solutions, security consulting services and vehicle & mobile asset control solutions.

For physical security services - ranging from alarm follow-up interventions to patrols, stakeouts and doorman services - Axitea operates throughout Italy with with its large-scale network: directly, through its own security guards, or through carefully selected and certified partner companies.

Why choose Axitea?

A Global Security Provider, a single provider for any security need.

We design integrated and customized solutions to ensure the maximum level of protection to our customers.


Bio Safety – Covid19

Services and solutions for managing space and people flows in companies in the face of the Covid-19 emergency.

Security Academy

A flexible, modular and high quality training program to meet all internal security training needs.

Security Consulting

Advanced consulting services to reduce risks, manage critical situations and govern information to comply with privacy regulations.

Vehicle Security

Solutions and services for the control and security of vehicles and mobile assets.

Physical Security

Integrated solutions of advanced and personalized protection for people, goods and real estate.

Cyber Security

Latest-generation Cyber Security solutions to protect your company’s business.

Axitea's team comprises experts with multidisciplinary skills to help protect physical and IT assets belonging to private companies and Public Administrations.

Who has already chosen Axitea?

Ico-pos-Rilevazione intrusione

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