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One of Axitea’s main goals is to ensure the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. For this reason, with a view to continuous improvement, especially through certifications, the criteria to manage service provision processes are established, so as to meet the customers’ needs. In addition, Axitea selects highly qualified, independent and mobile specialists, ready to undergo continuous training and constantly update their skills and knowledge.

ISO/IEC 27001 & information security policy

Axitea has obtained ISO/IEC 2700 certification for its information security management system for the provision of Security Operation Center services to monitor and manage physical security and cyber security events.


With a view to the continuous improvement of its performance levels, Axitea has implemented a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality management system for the EA35/28, EA28b sectors of activity, which refers to the following fields of application:

  • design and delivery of territorial inspection services (fixed and territorial surveillance), remote monitoring, remote surveillance, emergency intervention on alarms;
  • design, development, installation, technical support and maintenance of multifunctional and integrated systems for the protection of goods and people, ICT systems and telecommunications/networking systems;
  • design and provision of satellite control services;
  • provision of security operation center services for the monitoring and management of cyber security events.

UNI ISO 45001

Axitea is Accredia-certified in accordance with Standard UNI ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System - for the provision of services and products such as: territorial inspection services, remote monitoring, video surveillance, alarm follow-up intervention; design, installation and maintenance of multifunctional and integrated systems for the protection of goods and people, ICT systems, telecommunications and networking systems.

SOA certification

Axitea has also obtained the certificate of qualification for the execution of public works pursuant to Presidential Decree 207/2010 (SOA certification) for work categories OG11 - technological systems, OS19 - telecommunications network systems and OS5 - pneumatic and anti-intrusion systems.

UNI CEI EN / UNI 10891

In accordance with Ministerial Decree 115/2014 and the Ministry of the Interior Regulation of 27/02/2015, which dictate stringent rules on technical and quality requirements for private security companies, Axitea has achieved:

  • UNI CEI EN 50518 certification for the structural, performance and organizational aspects of its Operating Centers (replacing the previous UNI 11068:2005 regulatory framework);
  • UNI 10891 certification (relating to surveillance services).

These certifications enhance the company's management system and represent a commitment to the market to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Vanini Scale

Concerning satellite control, Axitea’s Security Operation Center has received the Vanini Scale conformity certification, reaching the highest level (Grade 6) for vehicles and goods transport. This certification attests to the qualitative correspondence of all the fundamental requirements necessary in the field of remote control and high-risk travelling goods.

Legality rating

Axitea has obtained the legality rating, a tool aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical behavior within companies, through the assignment of an award for being compliant with the law, and, in general, for the level of attention paid to managing the business correctly. The legality rating is attributed by the Italian Antitrust Authority and AGCM.

Axitea is also registered in the list of suppliers, service providers and executors of works not subjected to attempts of mafia infiltration, operating in the most exposed sector to this risk - so-called "White List" - held at the Prefecture of the Province of Milan, pursuant to Law no. 190 of 6/11/2012 and of the D.P.C.M. of 18/04/2013.

Official registration can also be verified on the website of the Prefecture of Milan. The presence of Axitea in this list certifies the reliability of the Company from an anti-mafia point of view and the qualification to enter into contractual relationships with the public administration by simplifying the control procedures.

UNI EN ISO 14001

Axitea is also compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001 (environmental management system), which means that it has established an appropriate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control, and it systematically seeks to improve them in an effective, consistent and - above all - sustainable manner.

Cisco Computer Certification

Axitea's staff undergoes continuous training and refresher courses: many employees in the Technical Infrastructure dept. have obtained Cisco’s IT certification.

The importance of this certification is underlined by the number of services that Axitea offers in the IT field: monitoring, maintenance and support of computer networks, and design and implementation of computer network security systems.

IMQ Air-Video

Our technicians must achieve professional certification (IMQ AIR-VIDEO certification) for "expert installers of intrusion and robbery alarm systems and video surveillance": a distinctive qualification in the market, and also a continuous improvement for the installers, in light of the requirements in terms of training, skills and constant updating on technologies, systems, privacy and data processing.

Social Liability Policy

Axitea is aware of its liability toward the community, and it commits to operate n accordance with the principles of Social Liability, as strategic goal.

One of its goals is implementing and maintaining a Social Accountability management system compliant with Standard SA 8000:2014 over time.

Quality, health, safety, privacy and environment integrated policy

Axitea undertakes to implement a policy focused on meeting the expectations and requests of direct and indirect stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, control bodies and stakeholders in general).

Furthermore, the company is committed to sustainable development, by establishing a balance between humans and the environment, human activities and preservation of environmental functions, by using natural resources in a rational manner or producing goods and services with a low environmental impact, so as to set essential sustainable goals.

The Integrated Management System governs the company processes in a systematic, scheduled and documented manner.

ISO30415 Policy – Diversity and Inclusion

Axitea is aware that inclusion and the enhancement of diversity are issues of primary importance, which can also have a distinctive sign of the company and turn into a qualitative and competitive advantage.

In this sense, the company has undertaken the process of implementing a management system for Diversity and Inclusion compliant with the indications of the ISO30415 Standard.

The management system represents for Axitea the general operational framework through which the organization aims to abolish any form of discrimination through the adoption, application, control and disclosure of policies for the defence of diversity and the development of inclusiveness.

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