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Cold chain and security for the BOMI Group

Case Study Cold chain and security for the BOMI Group Share on Facebook 𝕏 Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Email Market Transport Context Pharmaceutical distribution logistics requires special care: the weak link of this supply chain is transportation.The combination between sensor systems, connectivity and data analysis has led to IoT (Internet of…

Satellite Systems & IoT Solutions

Satellite Systems & IoT Intelligent management of mobile assets and vehicles thanks to the use of IoT sensors to constantly monitor multiple indicators, and possible alarms (position, lifting, …).

Digital Tachograph Data Download

Solution that allows you to monitor and manage, in real time, the driving hours of the drivers of your fleet, avoiding penalties caused by excessive time spent behind the wheel.

Fleet Management Software

Tools for monitoring and localization of a fleet or single vehicles, route and path planning, maintenance scheduling, and vehicle localization at all times.

Vehicle Satellite Control

Vehicle Satellite Control Satellite monitoring of vehicles and goods transported 24/7/365, by the Security Operation Center.

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