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SOC as a Service

Data collection, real-time analysis through SIEM platform and management by Axitea's team of experts and analysts, to prevent and detect cyber attacks in real time

Every day, every millisecond, an event happens in every company, and this event leaves a trace.

But who or what can perceive what is happening and discern a malicious act from a legal one?

Traditional protection technologies work most effectively for simple threats - i.e. 90% of threats - in reactive mode. That is, they react only when the attack has already occurred.

However, for 10% of threats - i.e. the most dangerous ones - you need something more: you need to detect anomalous situations in your network proactively and quickly, before the attack happens.

Axitea’s SOC constantly monitors and analyzes the events generated by primary ICT and cyber security sources of its users, in order to prevent anomalies, attacks, frauds and data theft, and having any significant digital asset for the Customer as a potential service perimeter.

Ico-pos-Monitoraggio reti informatiche

In order to cope with unconventional attack attempts, constant and "always on" monitoring of systems, equipment and access is a priority, for rapid diagnosis and detection of any incidents, by tackling cyber risks in a proactive manner.

How Axitea can help you

Benefits of the SOC as a Service solution:

Rapid detection of anomalies for incident prevention

Automatic aggregation of meaningful data from multiple sources (networks, servers, physical and virtual storage resources, PCs, smartphones, etc.) to identify deviations and anomalies, in order to trigger appropriate reactions in a proactive way.

In-depth visibility in case of anomaly

When an anomaly is identified, Axitea’s SOC is activated and prepares to manage it, by analyzing the available data and profiling the company environments involved.

Based on the information gathered, correlation with similar events in the database, and potential impacts on the company assets involved, the event management priority is assigned.

Containment in the event of an incident

Axitea’s SOC takes charge of the event, notifying the start of the incident/attack containment phase. At the same time, the dedicated team undertakes problem-solving actions, maintaining constant contact with the customer's reference persons and selecting the most suitable response methods for the event being managed.

Certified professionals and multidisciplinary teams

The SOC team comprises multidisciplinary and certified professionals, including Security Analysts (who monitor and analyze events, prioritize interventions, manage escalation from event to incident), Incident Response Specialists (who analyze, manage and solve security incidents, and govern investigative and digital forensic activities), Compliance Consultants (who support the customer for document output and Knowledge Empowerment activities, and interface with institutional Stakeholders in incident management).

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Main features

Soc as a Service is an effective proactive tool for defense and prevention against cyber attacks, which - thanks to SIEM platforms - performs real-time monitoring of events generated by applications and corporate information systems 24/7, through correlation activities to identify any critical issues to be managed.

The service, supported by the combination of artificial and human intelligence, helps to detect what is happening inside the network and, with its overview, recognizes a cyber attack as soon as it occurs.

The SIEM's ability to extract data from all kinds of devices, and to normalize it, allows for the analysis and definition of typical usage patterns of users or network activities.

Comparing an event to these behavioral patterns is critical for threat prevention and containment, minimizing false positives.

Thanks to Axitea's SOC as a Service, it will no longer be necessary to monitor the different dashboards of firewalls, switches and all the appliances in the company: with a single correlation console, you can have an immediate idea of what is happening in your network. Examples of attacks that SOC as a Service helps to fend off:

  • APT (Advanced Persistent Threats): To discover "attackers" who try to move through the network undetected and perform malicious activities. It helps uncover these attempts by looking for key indicators that suggest malicious activities in the background;
  • Data Breaches: It monitors confidential data to ensure that it remains protected against illegal access (abnormal file deletions or unauthorized backups);
  • Malicious Insider: It protects your company by detecting malicious internal activities (forced access to critical company servers or workstations, unwarranted use of network resources).

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SOC as a Service

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