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Itelyum operates in the world of circular economy, making sustainability a cornerstone of its strategy, by offering innovative services and ensuring maximum environmental safety and the health of citizens.

Plant protection is essential in all aspects, both to ensure business continuity and to avoid accidents with possible environmental impacts.

The collaboration with Axitea

Itelyum was founded in April 2019 from the merger of 16 companies: today, it is considered the benchmark player of circular economy in Italy. We are talking about a group of 600 people involved in transforming industrial waste of various types into new resources for the Italian economy.

Present in 50 countries, Itelyum offers products and solutions that increase sustainability for them and their supply chains.

By their very nature, Itelyum's production plants present complex security situations to be dealt with: they are large industrial plants handling sensitive materials, so all the necessary precautions must be implemented, to ensure the plants’ maximum safety.

The collaboration with Axitea is the best expression of all-encompassing security management.


Targets achieved

Axitea has proved to be a reliable partner from a technological point of view, as well as the only all-round interlocutor to manage security and compliance issues, offering services for physical and logical protection as well as privacy consulting.

Thanks to the advance knowledge made available, a delicate aspect such as security has been turned into a company flagship issue.

The project

Itelyum was familiar with Axitea’s physical security services: intrusion detection, video surveillance and guarding services (guards monitoring plant access security and perimeter control 24/7).

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Integrated security solutions

However, security is not only physical, digital processes are on the rise, and production facilities require IT integrations: this opens up security-critical scenarios.

There are many cyber risks: from infrastructural blocks with repercussion on industrial plants, to data loss.

In addition to the field of physical security, Axitea has helped Itelyum with its cyber security: antimalware services have been implemented to protect the plants, and penetration tests and vulnerability assessments have been conducted to ensure the security of IT structures.

Itelyum also avails itself of Axitea’s SOC - Security Operation Center -, which monitors the infrastructures and security 7/24/365, promptly flagging any IT and/or plant security issue.

Services provided

DPO as a Service

DPO as a Service Data protection experts, whose job is to evaluate and organize the management of...

GDPR Compliance Consulting

Verification of potential GAPs in the mandatory protection measures compliance requirements, and security of personal data processed...

Intrusion Detection Systems

Design, implementation and installation of solutions to protect sensitive areas against the risk of intrusion.

Private Security

Private security services that include alarm monitoring 24/7 from the Security Operation Center, alarm follow-up intervention by...

Security Systems Maintenance

Maintenance and technical support services 24/7/365, on Axitea’s or customer’s security systems.

Video-Alarm and Video-Surveillance

Proactive monitoring of cameras (or following alarms), for company perimeter and critical area control.

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Test

Test for measuring the level of protection of the IT network and digital infrastructure, in order to...

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