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When hackers advertise themselves on the web: Axitea is behind JeckoOne’s communication

30 May 2018



Redazione Axitea

The Global Security Provider reveals itself: to protect yourself from a cybercrime professional, you should rely on a security professional.

Milan, 30 May 2018 – Can a hacker openly advertise his services? Can cybercrime find space, for a fee, in some of the most important communication channels? These are just some of the questions that have emerged over the last few days, on the web and in social networks, following the communication campaign through which a hacker, called JeckoOne, offers his services.

The global security provider Axitea has announced it commissioned the marketing campaign that was designed and created with the aim of raising public awareness on the increasingly real danger posed by cybercrime. Figures like JeckoOne thrive on the web, ready to offer their services to customers with few scruples, and, above all, represent a constant threat to every organization and every single Internet user.

The IPG Group’s integrated online and offline communication campaign involved McCann Worldgroup, Initiative Media, Reprise and Cadreon, and was created to send a strong message of warning: new criminals have a professional approach to their illegal activities, and the techniques and technologies they use are advanced and very dangerous. Hence, the need for a campaign that highlights the professional skills and competences of a new generation of criminals, to make the level of risk that entrepreneurs run today know.

The campaign, structured in two phases, features JeckoOne in the teaser, who, though his website, programmatic banners, Facebook and influencer marketing actions, casts doubts and questions, to pave the way for the second phase, where Axitea offers its services, highlighting that: “To defend yourself against crime professionals, you need security professionals.”

The world in which companies operate is increasingly connected, with obvious advantages in terms of efficiency and business, but also an increasing exposure to cybersecurity-related risks,” explains Marco Bavazzano, CEO of Axitea. “The goal behind this campaign is to make companies aware that security is a fundamental component of their business, and that they should turn to specialized realities, as they have the appropriate skills to support the companies when facing such risks.”

We are very happy to have become Axitea’s leading cyber and physical security agency, a client with a mission to design creative and innovative platforms,” adds Daniele Cobianchi, McCann CEO and McCann Worldgroup Italy Vice President.

Campain credits:

Alessandro Sabini: McCann Worldgroup Chief Creative Officer
Chiara Castiglioni: Senior Copywriter
Edoardo Aliata: Senior Art Director
Mario Esposito: Copywriter
Elia Morra: Copywriter
Elena Pinillos: Art Director

Axitea operates as a Global Security bProvider in the virtuous intersection between innovative technologies, advanced security services and physical and cyber protection systems in a rapidly changing market, and for the convergence between IT, telecommunications, controls, automation and Internet of Things. With a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience developed over time in the field of Surveillance and Security, Axitea offers a wide range of services, ranging from territorial monitoring and proactive management of alarms and interventions, to the development of specialist skills in the design, implementation, integration, maintenance and management of platforms and technological solutions dedicated to physical security, access control, video surveillance, satellite monitoring and protection of ICT infrastructures.

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